One armed teenager responds to Kuri

6月 5, 2020 佛山站鸡

Recently, a young player from Yunfu District of Guangdong Province has caused a heated discussion on social media. His series of dribbling is really eye-catching. However, it can’t shock the world just to do this. What makes people shocked is that the child who can dribble so skillfully is still a one armed youth who lacks right arm.
Earlier yesterday, warrior guard Stephen curry tweeted a video of the one armed boy playing and wrote: “who is this child? Help me find him! Continue to be yourself and don’t let anyone say you can’t. “
Later, Zhang Jiacheng, a one armed teenager, responded to Curie in an interview with the media, saying he liked and admired Curie very much.
Zhangjiacheng said: “Hello, KULI, I’m your fan, my name is zhangjiacheng, I like you very much, because your figure is not very big in the NBA, but you can play so well in the NBA, I really admire you, I like you very much.”
When it comes to the favorite domestic players, zhangjiacheng said: “my favorite domestic players are Yi Jianlian and Guo Allen, because they are both very good at the center throw and playing inside. Guo Allen is very good at controlling the ball.”