Yang goes beyond Tucao to make complaints about the high beam.

6月 8, 2020 佛山站鸡

Yang Chaoyue, a koi girl, made her debut in the program with her naive and straightforward character!
At first, Yang’s surpassing ability was insufficient. Even the most basic dance learning was much slower than other players, so many people drew the equal sign of ignorance and Yang’s surpassing.
Yang’s ability to surpass is not enough. He can make up for it with double sweat. As for his forthright character, Yang’s ability to win is the magic weapon of Changhong. It has been proved by facts that lack of ability does not mean ignorance.
On the night of June 7, Yang Chaocheng, the driver of the rigid core high beam lamp, once again justified his values.
Yang Chao said frankly that when she met a driver of high beam lights at a crossroads in Wuxi that night, she couldn’t open her eyes.
To say hard core, we have to admire Yang Chaoyue, who directly exposed the car owner’s license plate number.
However, Yang Chaoyue is more and more in control of the details. She only exposes the last three digits of the license plate number to remind the car owner to use the high beam light in time.
It turns out that it’s hard to get out the owner of the car only with the three digit license plate number provided by Yang Chaoyue, so it also saves the owner from being attacked and reflects Yang Chaoyue’s accomplishment in disguise.
Now only 21-year-old Yang Chaoyue, also a real rich woman, is far more interested in beauty than luxury driving. As for the driver’s license, she also has no time to get it because of work reasons. She confessed in the comment area that she still travels by car.
At the same time, in serious matters, Yang Chaoyue will also ease the atmosphere, criticized the driver’s behavior and said that he would “sing” when he was illuminated by the high beam light.
Yang Chaoyue had make complaints about singing while he was singing in the competition.
Perhaps, the owner was also careless, but Yang Chao, as a public figure, publicly commented on this matter, to a certain extent, let more drivers pay attention to the use of high beam lights, so as to reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents. The positive energy often mentioned in people’s mouth is also carried forward from these details.