Uncle Xicheng is getting better

6月 26, 2020 佛山站鸡

The first person confirmed in Beijing
Known as “master of Xicheng” by netizens
The good news is
At present, the condition of “West City Master” is getting better
After he suspected novel coronavirus pneumonia
“The West City Master” wears a mask and rides a bicycle
Go to the hospital by yourself
Deliberately avoided public transport
After being diagnosed, recall completely
Where have you been since May 30
Especially going to Xinfadi market to buy Seafood
Help researchers directly
Find out this important epidemic transmission point
Recently, in order to enrich the strength of Beijing municipal expert group
Before that, he had been fighting for a long time in front line of Wuhan
Tong Zhaohui, Jiang Li, Liu Qingquan and other experts
Continue to support Ditan Hospital
Yes, including “the West City Master”
The patient’s condition is also very concerned
It’s called “Eight Immortals in severe cases”
Tong Zhaohui and Jiang Li also went to check out the “western city Lord”
Introduction of Tong Zhaohui
They have patients sit up, stand up
It’s not a big problem to inhale oxygen with nasal catheter
At present, the condition is relatively stable
Tong Zhaohui praises “the great master of the West City”
“Beijing citizens thank you very much”
My Lord replied
This is what we should do as citizens
“Take your cell phone to the itinerary
A little bit back from the day I saw the doctor
Remember where you’ve been
One day later, it’s broken
Many more cases“
Tongzhaohui’s joking
“You are now a bull in Beijing
People call you “Lord of Xicheng”
In fact, you can’t call me “grand master” at the age of 52
It should be called uncle and big brother“
“West City Lord” on the sickbed replied
“It doesn’t matter. That’s what netizens are joking about.”
Although 52 years old can’t be called “big brother”
But in Beijing dialect
“Master” has a sense of the general situation
The meaning of being warm-hearted and following the rules
Therefore, the appellation of “the great master of the West City” is just like its name
His illness also affected the hearts of netizens
Now, the condition of “West City Master” has improved
Also specially take a video to reply to netizens:
“Thank you for your concern
I will definitely overcome this epidemic!
Now the situation is basically stable
We’re about to leave the hospital“
Netizens praised and blessed “the great master of Xicheng” one after another:
“Thank you for your cooperation and self-discipline.”
“I hope you will recover soon, come on”