Thousands of unprotected Street hoppers

7月 13, 2020 佛山站鸡, July 13 (local time) on the 11th, an open-air concert was held in nice, France, which attracted about 5000 people to the scene. They danced, cheered and played with music. Almost no one wore masks or kept social distance.
According to bfmtv12, French DJ “Avenger” held an audio-visual concert in nice on the evening of November 11. The venue was Anglo street, a local seaside Avenue. This street is the site of the annual nice Carnival and a place for local people to walk and relax on weekends. “It’s summer and carnival. If the city may be closed again in winter, we have to hurry up,” one participant said in an interview.
Few people wear masks (bfmtv)
The concert was crowded and almost no one took protective measures. One medical expert said, “even if only young people participate, once one of them carries the new coronavirus, others may infect their families and friends. They may have forgotten that more than 30000 people have died and the virus is still spreading.
The concert was jointly organized by the nice city government and the local radio station. Mayor esterosi also said in an interview, “I am very sorry now. The reason for approving this concert is that it has complied with the rule of no more than 5000 participants. However, the restlessness and fanatical atmosphere of the music attracted more and more people nearby. Almost no one kept a social distance or even kept a social distance Zero distance “. There will also be concerts in nice this summer, and the mayor said he would be vigilant and ask participants to wear masks and keep social distance.
People are watching a dancer (bfmtv)
After the relevant pictures and videos were exposed, there was also a heated discussion on the French Internet. One netizen angrily said, “I can’t understand, I can’t believe it, and I have no sense of responsibility”; another netizen questioned that “everyone stayed at home for two months, just for this? Are they crazy? Some netizens jokingly said, “this is dancing with the virus.”.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in 170752 cases and 30004 deaths were reported in 10 countries, according to the data released by the Ministry of health of France. Experts are worried that the French have been accused of lax compliance with health and epidemic prevention regulations at this stage. Jean Francois delfleiscy, chairman of the French Scientific Council, said the French people’s sense of social distance was increasingly lost. This laxity was particularly serious among young people, as evidenced by photos of crowded outdoor seats in some cafes.