Trump niece proposes to resign

7月 16, 2020 佛山站鸡

On July 14, local time, Mary trump, the niece of President trump of the United States, published his new book “too much and never enough: how my family made the most dangerous people in the world”. The book is said to provide a lot of inside information about the trump family and the president himself. In a TV interview broadcast that night, Mary even more directly called out uncle trump to “quit.”.
“The pressure has made him look nervous. I only remember thinking, “he seems tired.” Said Mary.
According to the US political news website politico reported on the 14th, Mary was asked what she would say to trump if she was in the Oval Office, and Mary answered “resign”.
When the host asked about the most important thing Americans need to know about trump, Mary said bluntly that “he has no ability to lead the country. It is very dangerous to allow him to lead the country.”.
It is understood that the above interview is the first time Mary talked about her new book in public, which has caused extensive discussion recently. On July 6, the book’s publisher said it would be released as early as July 14 due to high market demand and strong interest from readers, and then the book made it to Amazon’s best seller list. In a copy of the book on, Mary trump will explain how her uncle “became the man who now threatens the health, economic security and social fabric of the world.”.
Politico pointed out that Mary was the first relative of the president to disclose the secrets of the trump family. She described in detail that when she went to the White House to see the president in April 2017, she told trump, “don’t let them down on you.”.
The new book, which involves a lot of trump family insiders and the president himself, was previously suspended by a New York court, but on July 1, the temporary restriction order was lifted in the name of “the publisher is not bound by any agreement of the trump group”. Trump said in early June that his niece had violated a confidentiality agreement by publishing a new book.