Full list of exposure on March 15

7月 17, 2020 佛山站鸡

The “3.15” party has passed a full 30 years. Affected by the epidemic situation, this year’s “3.15” party was postponed to today’s broadcast. Come to see which enterprises have been named.
The contents of the evening include:

  1. “Expired” Burger King;
  2. Front and back of towel;
  3. Endless gearbox faults;
  4. Fine decoration or “surprise” decoration;
  5. Routine marketing is hard to escape;
  6. The interesting headline advertisement is hidden;
  7. Why is it so difficult to refund?
    1、 Sea cucumber water “deep”! Keep sea cucumbers in full containers and release dichlorvos. Southern sea cucumbers pretend to be North sea cucumbers
    Jimo, Shandong Province is one of the main sea cucumber culture areas in China. In October 2019, it is the breeding period of sea cucumber seedlings. When the reporter came to the breeding base of Castanopsis Bay, he found nearly 100 glass bottles stacked beside a pond, which read: dichlorvos. The farmer said frankly that he had just added a lot of dichlorvos into the pond in order to remove other organisms that are not conducive to the growth of sea cucumber. Hengshengyuan is one of the local large-scale sea cucumber breeding bases. The farmers in the base also admit that they often use dichlorvos: “dichlorvos, I make three or four boxes of fish and shrimp dead in one pool.” Reporters in Shandong Jimo investigation found that this phenomenon is very common. So, the reporter is very surprised, put so much dichlorvos into the pond, are not afraid to kill the sea cucumber? A veterinary drug store operator told reporters: “the drug resistance of sea cucumber is the most severe, dichlorvos can not kill sea cucumber.” In addition, farmers told reporters that the seawater used pesticides will be re discharged back to the sea. Some greenhouse sea cucumber farmers also secretly told reporters that they often used antibiotics and other veterinary drugs in the process of breeding.
    In November 2019, when it was time for sea cucumber seedlings to emerge, reporters came to Jimo, Shandong province again, and found that most of the people who came here to buy sea cucumber seedlings were businessmen from the south. Practitioners revealed to reporters a little-known industry secret: after the cultivation of sea cucumbers, they will go back to the northern market for processing and sales. An industry insiders said: “the sales are relying on northerners, and 80% of the market is our southern sea cucumber.” Some dealers told reporters that the real northern sea cucumber has a long growth cycle, compact meat and high price, while the southern sea cucumber has a short growth cycle and low price, which is difficult for ordinary consumers to distinguish. Therefore, many businesses will use the southern sea cucumber as the northern sea cucumber.
    Follow up: hengshengyuan sea cucumber is removed from tmall
    On the 16th, CCTV’s 3 / 15 evening party exposed the situation of dichlorvos put into sea cucumber breeding by hengshengyuan and other enterprises. Later, the sea cucumber products were removed from the shelves of hengshengyuan tmall flagship store, but vegetables and other products were still on sale. At present, the detailed introduction page of hengshengyuan tmall flagship store showed “the page has moved away”. In Jingdong and pinduoduo, the reporter searched and found no hengshengyuan products on sale.
    Jimo District of Shandong Province quickly organized joint law enforcement to investigate and deal with the exposure of 315 party
    Official microblog (@ Jimo release) of the news center of Jimo District, Qingdao, Shandong Province )According to an article published on the evening of 16th, the Jimo district Party committee and government attached great importance to the illegal use of pesticides by some sea cucumber farmers in Jimo, Shandong Province, which was exposed in the 315 evening party of CCTV, and immediately instructed Jimo agricultural and rural Bureau, market supervision bureau, natural resources Bureau and Public Security Branch Bureau to jointly carry out law enforcement inspection, and promptly investigate and deal with relevant problems according to law.
    At present, the agricultural comprehensive administrative law enforcement brigade of Jimo district has carried out law enforcement inspection on the animal husbandry, veterinary and aquaculture Service Department operated by sun in Tianheng town. A case of oxytetracycline powder was found in the service warehouse. The law enforcement personnel immediately started the law enforcement procedure and carried out evidence registration and preservation. The public security department has taken compulsory measures against the party concerned. In the next step, the law enforcement agencies will investigate the parties and identify the oxytetracycline involved in the case according to the law, and punish them according to the relevant provisions of the “Regulations on the administration of veterinary drugs” in combination with the investigation results. If it is suspected of committing a crime, it will be severely punished by the judicial organ according to law.
    As for the problem of illegal use of dichlorvos by sea cucumber farmers, it was found that some farmers used pesticides illegally when clearing ponds. Penalties will be imposed in accordance with Article 60 (5) of the regulations on pesticide administration. Jimo District Natural Resources Bureau and Jimo agricultural and rural Bureau will jointly with relevant departments to carry out special rectification action of sea cucumber breeding in the whole region, strictly investigate and deal with illegal behaviors, and severely punish those involved in the case according to law. If a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    Jimo district will draw inferences from one instance and immediately carry out a joint special inspection and rectification action with a network and full coverage, seriously investigate and deal with the existing problems, and earnestly guarantee the food safety of the people.
    2、 Burger King uses expired bread to make hamburger. The shelf life of chicken leg steak can be changed at will
    Burger King, a large chain enterprise in the world, claims that “taste is king, food is fresh” and that “every imperial Castle meets the crown standard of Burger King”. However, insiders reported that Burger King’s standards had serious problems in the actual implementation. In the Honggutan Tianhong store of hamburger king in Nanchang City, the reporter found that in the process of making hamburger, the staff worked very hard to put a piece of tomato or a piece of cheese.
    With the deepening of the investigation, the reporter’s findings are even more shocking. When the manager on duty found that the bread was due, he naturally ordered the staff to change the label. The staff removed the old labels from the hamburgers and replaced them with new ones. The next day, the reporter found that this batch of expired bread was taken out one after another, made into hamburgers and sold to customers. Even when it comes to food