What happened to Li Jianfa’s illegitimate meals?

9月 17, 2019 佛山站鸡

What happened to Li Jianfa’s illegitimate meals? Recently, Li has been sought after for the play “Dear Love”. Many female netizens have kindly called Li “Husband Now”, which shows how hot Li is! However, the pursuit of stars also needs to be rational. Li has recently encountered such acts as followers tracking, photographing and blocking. This is a very extreme illegitimate meal. So Li has found out what he said about his illegitimate meal. Let’s see what he said.
Li Jianfa’s illegitimate meal
On the evening of September 14, Li now writes in social media: “Today, when I go out to work out, I’m squatted, until I finish filming all the way downstairs from the gym, plus a series of events that have taken place in recent years, I think it’s time to stand up and express my thoughts and attitude: as an actor, I hope I can have a better one.” More time, integration into society, to observe the world. But now, the micro-signal of mobile phone number is leaked, the moment of leaving home is tracked, private shooting information is also leaked and sold, blocked, photographed, not to mention following the car, following the flight, blocking the door of the hotel, living next door to the hotel room, and so on. Even if you don’t show your face, you will be abused. What I have to say is that the above acts of private intrusion have brought me great trouble and burden.
My fans and I do not advocate any behavior that interferes with public order and public safety. Thank you for your attention and recognition. I will try to give back the favorite of audience friends and fans with better roles and works. I hope that we can have safe and happy meetings in more public places in the future. Noodles. “
Li Jianfa’s illegitimate meal
In a long article, Li now counts five annoying actions he has made with illegitimate meals, which can be said to be enough to make people collapse. Li Xian, who has a fitness habit, can’t exercise well in the gym nowadays. Besides, when he goes out to work out, he will be squatted, and his illegitimate meal will follow downstairs all the way. It sounds amazing.
Not only that, Li also mentioned in the article that these bastard meals follow the car, follow the flight, blocked the entrance of the hotel, and even live next door to the hotel room. What’s more, when taking pictures of him, Li would be insulted if he did not show his face. Li now claims that these intrusions have caused him great trouble. Finally, what I want to say is that stars really need to be rational, close to the works of stars and far away from their lives, which is what a qualified fan should do.


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