Hot pot shop and Zheng Kaifang reconcile

7月 27, 2020 佛山站鸡

On July 18, Zheng Kai’s hot pot shop opened in Ningbo. Zheng Kai and his wife Miao Miao showed up in the hotpot shop, but unexpectedly, the head of a hotpot shop complained that his hotpot shop decoration style was suspected of plagiarism, and released a number of comparative pictures of the two stores.
After these pictures were put on the Internet, almost all people who have seen them think that the two stores are like twins. Both the furnishings and the small decorations of the stores are very similar. Therefore, they began to discuss this matter one after another. It seemed that Zheng Kai, as the boss, tolerated plagiarism in the team.
However, at that time, after the plagiarism storm was hotly discussed by netizens for a long time, Zheng Kai and his team did not open their mouth to explain. It was not until the afternoon of the next day that Zheng Kai noticed the negative impact of the plagiarism storm on his reputation, and finally released an explanation, saying: “if there is infringement, rectify immediately, and never tolerate it.”
Netizens still agreed with Zheng Kai’s attitude towards taking on the storm. In the past week or so, the two sides finally reached a common agreement on July 26, and at the same time, they successively issued statements on this day to explain the settlement process of the matter.
The official microblog of huofengxiang fresh hot pot released a statement in response to a recent wave of plagiarism in the design of hotpot shops. After team investigation and communication with houtang hot pot, the following statement is made to you:
From this statement, we can see (draw the key points): Zheng Kai elaborated the design creativity of huofengxiang fresh hot pot, admitted to learn from the design and concept of houtang old hotpot, indirectly acknowledged the “plagiarism” of the design team, and made a review on this, saying that he had the unshirkable responsibility.
Secondly, Zheng Kai has removed some of the “plagiarized” furnishings. Through the implementation of rectification, this remedy is still very timely.
Finally, it is stated that Zheng Kai is the manager of huofengxiang fresh hot pot brand, not the decision-maker of operation. In this way, Zheng Kai’s reputation loss can be minimized, which is very wise, and has obtained the understanding of houtang old hotpot.
Later, houtang old hotpot also issued a statement, saying that it accepted the sincere apology of huofengxiang fresh hot pot, and hoped to implement rectification and strengthen management measures as soon as possible. At the same time, laohotpot also said that the public opinion had a negative impact on Zheng Kai’s reputation, which was deeply regretted. However, the attitude to deal with the problem and the aversion to rectification are satisfactory. I highly appreciate this. Soon after, Zheng Kai posted a related statement on his microblog, saying that the incident had been resolved.
At this point, the whole Zheng Kai hotpot shop “plagiarism” storm, it should be clear that both sides have made a statement, to the public have a clear account.