Take the watermelon peel to the canteen for dinner

8月 4, 2020 佛山站鸡

A superb collection of beautiful things make complaints about the quality of the food and drink.
Chinese college canteens have always been full of fantastic dishes, which are nicknamed by netizens as “creating the ninth largest cuisine in China.”.
However, for the dining room aunts, for the university cafeteria with dark cooking and college students entertaining themselves, they use all kinds of funny videos to fight against the old problem of Auntie shaking hands.
Recently, a girl in Yunnan Province “half an orange” uploaded a video of herself and her classmates beating rice with watermelon peel. As soon as the video was uploaded to social network, it immediately aroused the great attention of netizens.
The girl “half an orange” is Dong Rong, a college student in Zhaotong, Yunnan Province. She and her classmates go to the canteen with watermelon peel to get rice. Later, Dong Rong and his classmates took the video on their mobile phones and uploaded it to the network of their personal social platform. Dong Rong said that at that time, my aunt was laughing and eating. She thought it was very funny.
In the video, the girl brushes the rice card and hands the watermelon peel to her aunt. After receiving the watermelon peel, the aunt was smiling and playing rice, and she also filled the students with meals. See here, netizens said with a smile: Auntie played the spoon did not shake.
Dong Rong said that using watermelon peel as a rice bowl is definitely one-time use. As for the amount of food that Auntie plays, it doesn’t matter. What’s important is that this bowl absorbs oil! There are also netizens jokingly said, this all of a sudden, finally found a rice bowl without washing dishes.
Dong Rong said that at that time, she and her roommates in the dormitory ate watermelon together. Later, they saw the complete half of the watermelon peel, and they had an idea. They wanted to see what the aunt would do with the watermelon peel as a bowl for rice.
Dong Rong and her classmates also hit it off, so she and her classmates in the same dormitory took half of the hollowed out watermelon peel and went to the canteen for dinner.
Dong Rong said: however, using watermelon bowl to serve rice and watermelon peel to serve rice is the same as usual. It doesn’t have the special flavor of watermelon. She just thought it was fun, and she and her classmates would continue to try.