Three conditions for song Xiaonv’s remarriage

8月 7, 2020 佛山站鸡

On August 4, Jiangxi high court adjudicated Zhang Yuhuan’s intentional homicide case in a retrial, declaring Zhang Yuhuan innocent and releasing him with “unclear facts and insufficient evidence in the original trial”.
On August 6, song xiaonu, Zhang Yuhuan’s ex-wife, wrote an online article recalling the 27 years of hard life since Zhang Yuhuan was arrested in 1993. At that time, she took care of her two children to the elderly. While working, she continued to complain and petition for Zhang Yuhuan. Later found out the tumor, afraid of dragging down the family, forced to decide to remarry.
“In 1993, Zhang Yuhuan left me two sons, one three and one four. Now that Zhang Yuhuan is back, I’m going to give him eight people. He has a 31 year old youngest son, a 32 year old eldest son, two daughter-in-law, three grandchildren and one granddaughter. I hope Zhang Yuhuan can cherish these eight people. ” Song xiaonu wrote.
Zhang Yuhuan owes her a hug, song xiaonu, who is no longer young, said in an interview. When she said this, there was light in her eyes, and her expression was still that of a young girl, who was shy and expectant, blushed and secretly pleased.
“He still owes me a hug. I’ve thought about it for many years. I want him to carry me around
“He should hold me, and I should hold him.”
“Yes. Really. “
Later, Zhang Yuhuan still did not give song xiaonu a hug.
He just held song xiaonu’s hand with tears in his eyes, but she was still like a girl, saying, “you should remember, you owe me this hug. It was a hug from 1993 to 1999. From the day you left until every time I went to see you, the hug was in my heart.
Zhang Yuhuan said that he understood her difficulties and did not blame the current situation. If you don’t give her a hug, you are afraid that she will be emotional and will be sent to the hospital.
At that time, after Zhang Yuhuan’s accident, song xiaonu was torn apart and had no place to redress her grievances. She and her son couldn’t stay any longer because of the coldness and discussion in the village. She was afraid of helplessness, only for the rehabilitation of Zhang Yuhuan, she did not dare to put down the idea for a moment.
In those years, in order to make a living, she washed dishes and sold vegetables. She did not know a few words to Nanchang, Jiangxi Provincial Public Security Department, letters and visits office, political and Legal Commission, high court, song xiaonu all went to Nanchang.
Because of one belief: she believes in him.
She was ready to wait for him all his life, but she didn’t expect to find a uterine tumor at this time. She wants to live. Only by living can she raise her two sons. She can wait for Zhang Yuhuan to come out. She has no choice for her children.
The two men signed the divorce agreement in tears, and then song xiaonu remarried her current husband. Before marriage, she put forward three conditions:

  1. Will put Zhang Yuhuan in his heart
  2. We must treat Zhang Yuhuan’s two sons unconditionally
  3. She was not prevented from visiting mother Zhang
    The husband agreed, these years also silently supported the wife to plead injustice.
    Now, the man who missed 27 years is waiting for her to come back. After hearing the result of the innocence, the woman with a bright smile in her eyes began to cry.
    When relatives meet again, the life of an ordinary person has been earth shaking. Song xiaonu’s repressed mood finally dares to burst into tears.
    People will grow old, but love will not.
    In these 27 years, she suffered no less than anyone else. Although from now on can no longer be called “husband”, but holding hands, will always be relatives.
    Holding hands to look at each other’s tears, there is no language to choke. This word, in this engraved with a concrete picture.
    Once unjust, false and wrong cases are formed, it will have an irreparable impact on some people’s lives. In the past two days, Zhang Yuhuan was detained for more than 20 years, and the news of his acquittal made many people feel sad. Justice is waiting to come, but no doubt it has been late. The late justice has been compromised. The vicissitudes of life of Zhang Yuhuan and his family clearly reflect this point.
    It is said that justice will not be absent. This is not only aimed at victims like Zhang Yuhuan, but also should be held accountable in the name of justice for those illegal acts in the process of interrogation. What’s more, since Zhang Yuhuan is not a murderer, he still has to try his best to find the real murderer in the case that led to Zhang Yuhuan’s sentence. Justice is also needed to close the case.