Cai Shaofen’s mother and son play in the water on holiday

8月 28, 2020 佛山站鸡

Netease Entertainment reported on August 28, Cai Shaofen posted a group of photos of her holiday in Sanya on social media on August 28. In the photo, she is wearing a hat and a mask to cover her face. She is playing in the water with her 9-month-old baby “fish eggs”. Cai Shaofen said that the baby likes to play with water, joking that “fish eggs” must be a master swimmer in the future.
Cai Shaofen holds the baby in both hands, so that he can float in the water, and the mother and son are happy. She also sun out a baby’s back, only 9 months of “fish eggs” in the sun can not get a rest, very lovely.