Death after coma in female dormitory

9月 6, 2020 佛山站鸡

On September 5, the Propaganda Department of Nangong municipal Party committee of Xingtai, Hebei Province issued a notice on the death of a student in Fengyi middle school
At about 13:30 on September 4, 2020, Zhang Mou (female, 15 years old, from Guangzong County, Xingtai City), a student of Fengyi middle school in nangong city, suddenly fell into a coma when he was resting in the dormitory. After receiving the report from the students in the same dormitory, the school immediately arranged the doctor in the clinic to deal with it. After 120 emergency personnel arrived, Zhang was immediately sent to the city hospital for treatment. After the rescue failed, Zhang died. After receiving the school’s alarm, our bureau immediately arranged for the police to arrive at the school to carry out on-the-spot investigation and visit, and inspected the dead.
After a preliminary investigation: Zhang Department of the school’s first year students, dormitory facilities at the time of the incident, no abnormal. No abnormality was found in the access corridor monitoring. The students in the same dormitory confirmed that the deceased did not have any dispute with the staff in the same dormitory and had sudden symptoms during the rest.
At present, other related work is under further investigation and verification.
Nangong Public Security Bureau
September 4, 2020