Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team Wins Five in a row

9月 20, 2019 佛山站鸡

On September 19, Beijing time, the women’s volleyball World Cup ended the last match of the first stage. The Chinese women’s volleyball team swept Japan 3:0, giving its opponents only 44 points, winning five consecutive games in a perfect start, losing only 260 points in five games, making it the most outstanding team in 12 teams. In this game, Lang Ping still insists on himself, does not give the substitute a chance, cautious attitude makes the fans babble, it is difficult to understand, maybe this is the originality of Lang Ping.
In the first stage, a total of five rounds of matches were held. China and the United States remained unbeaten in the fifth World War, ranking the first two, but the United States women’s volleyball team had a better performance, beating the Netherlands, Brazil and Serbia women’s volleyball team respectively. The Chinese women’s volleyball team’s opponents relative strength was weak.
The next two and third stages are more crucial. Chinese women’s volleyball team will meet the challenges of Brazil, the United States, the Netherlands and Serbia. Especially with the PK of American women’s volleyball team, it can be called Mars collision. The best World Cup match is full of too many points of view. Because in the women’s Volleyball League and finals, the Chinese women’s volleyball team lost to the United States two times. There are many fans who are not optimistic about the prospect of winning the championship of the Chinese women’s volleyball team.
In the five matches, the Chinese women’s volleyball team remained unbeaten and did not lose a game. Only the opponents got 260 points, averaging 52 points for each opponent, with a little more than two games. It is enough to show that the strength of Chinese women’s volleyball team is stable at a certain height, and it has become a truly strong team in the world, and gradually matures. It has made considerable progress at both ends of attack and defense. As to what level it has reached, it needs to be tested by competition. American women’s volleyball team is a good opponent, Zhu Ting, Yuan Xinyue and Zhang Chang. Ning, Yanni and Li Yingying constitute the core of the attack, with what strength, reached what height, World War I unveiled the answer.
The performance of the American women’s volleyball team in this World Cup is amazing. Faced with the Dutch and Brazilian women’s volleyball teams, they completely took the initiative and achieved a 3:0 sweep, which made the fans stand out. During the World Women’s Volleyball League, the American Women’s Volleyball Team narrowly beat the Netherlands 3-2, lost 1-3 to Brazil and even lost 2-3 to Dominican Women’s Volleyball Team. The performance fluctuated slightly. It met the Dutch and Brazilian Women’s Volleyball Team again more than two months later. The result was totally different, showing a crushing trend. This team’s performance was unexpected.
Zhu Ting made four appearances, scoring 22 points, 21 points, 20 points and 14 points. Zhang Changning also played very well, scoring the highest 19 points in the match with Japanese women’s volleyball team, 17 points in the match with Russia, and Yuan Xinyue also scored double points in many matches. He performed very well and deserved to be expected. In many matches, Lang Ping did not give the substitutes a chance to play, which is unfathomable.
The result of the final round: the Netherlands defeated Serbian women’s volleyball 2:3, the United States swept Brazil 3:0, Korea defeated Cameroon women’s volleyball 3:0, Dominican women’s volleyball 2:3 lost to Russia, Japan women’s volleyball team got 17 points, 10 points and 17 points in three sets, suffered a third defeat. At present, the Russian women’s volleyball team ranks third in four wins, one win, 12 games and seven losses, while the Dutch, Brazilian and Serbian women’s volleyball team ranks fourth and fifty-six in two losses.


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