Online shopping for prison clothes and motorcycles

9月 11, 2020 佛山站鸡

Recently, a netizen disclosed that two motorcyclists were wearing “prison clothes” with the words of “Xi’an detention center” near the Xi’an TV Tower. The photos revealed that the “prison clothes” numbers of the two were 0813 and 0811 respectively.
Xi’an two men online shopping prison clothes, motorcycle bomb street, police report details
What kind of confusion is this? As soon as the information was released, it also quickly aroused heated discussion among netizens.
On the evening of September 9, Xi’an police responded by saying:
On September 8, 2020, a picture was circulated in Xi’an local wechat group. In the picture, two people dressed in “prison clothes” with the words “Xi’an detention center” were riding motorcycles on the road beside the TV Tower in Xi’an, causing bad social impact.
After investigation, the two people in the video wearing “prison clothes” are Hou (from Chang’an District of Xi’an) and Huang (from Yanta District of Xi’an). Through an online shop, the two men customized and purchased the “prison clothes” printed with the words “Xi’an detention center”, and then rode in the city wearing the “prison clothes”. The Hou and Huang confessed to the fact that they committed the above-mentioned illegal acts out of curiosity and innovation. At present, the police are doing further investigation and handling of the matter.