Village branch secretary hired murderer

9月 12, 2020 佛山站鸡

An unlicensed car slowly followed, suddenly accelerated, 54 year old Xu Yuetian was killed.
Su Hang, the murderer of the car crash, committed the crime “alone” for a year and a half after his arrest, but failed to disclose the person behind his back. He didn’t tell the truth until he was sentenced to death.
The bloodstain left on the scene after Xu Yuetian was hit. (photo provided by interviewees)
Subsequently, nearly 10 people, including Liu Jifa, former party branch secretary of Zhengkeng village in Liaocheng, Shandong Province, and Li Peng, an employee of Liaocheng City administrative law enforcement detachment, were brought to justice. A homicide case against the informant has surfaced.
After being sentenced to death in the first instance, Liu Jifa, the mastermind behind the scenes, and Suhang, the murderer of car collision, all chose to appeal. They hoped that the court of second instance would “kill less and kill carefully” and “give a new chance”. At the beginning of September this year, the Shandong high court tried the case in the second instance, but it has not yet made a judgment.
Xu Yuetian’s family told the Red Star News reporter that Liu Jifa and others hope to obtain understanding through compensation, but they don’t want any compensation. They just hope that the Shandong high court will maintain the original judgment, make the murderer pay for his life and comfort his dead father.

[hitting people in the daytime]

On a fine afternoon four years ago, Xu Yuetian had dinner with his friends in a restaurant and rode a light green electric bicycle down the road. Behind him, a car is not slow to follow, Xu Yuetian did not notice. The driver, named Suhang, was an employee of the demolition construction party of Zhengkeng village.
When Xu Yuetian crossed the road and drove to the guardrail in the middle of the road, the car behind him accelerated: Bang, Xu Yuetian fell to the ground. The crashing vehicle quickly fled the scene. Xu Yuetian, who was sent to the hospital for rescue, failed to survive. According to the hospital’s diagnosis, Xu Yuetian died before he arrived at the hospital.
Photo of Xu Yuetian.
Nearly a month after the incident, on September 27, 2016, Suzhou and Hangzhou were arrested in another county of Liaocheng City. According to Su Hang’s confession and police investigation, it was a premeditated collision.
A few days before the incident, Su Hang and others began to follow Xu Yuetian everywhere. On September 1, 2016, from 9:00 a.m., Su Hang and others successively followed Xu Yuetian’s residence, restaurants and driving roads. On the way, Suzhou and Hangzhou take off the fake license plate, and finally, Xu Yuetian is killed by the unlicensed car.
Photos of Xu Yuetian
Su Hang confessed to the police that the motive of killing was that Xu Yuetian had “slapped him twice”, so he had the idea of revenge.
Suhang said that he was driving excavators in a construction company. In March 2016, during the demolition construction of Zhengkeng village, the construction party encountered Xu Yuetian and other villagers coming to make trouble and obstruct the construction. Xu Yuetian pulled him off the excavator, slapped him twice and scolded him. However, according to the police’s visit to the villagers and cadres of Zhengkeng village, Xu Yuetian did not go to the construction site to obstruct the construction, and there was no conflict between the two sides.
After Xu Yuetian’s death, his family members and even most of the villagers in Zhengkeng village did not recognize the motive of killing people in Suzhou and Hangzhou. They are more willing to believe that Xu Yuetian’s death has something to do with Liu Jifa, the party secretary of Zhengkeng village since August 2012.

[pursue the murderer for his father]

Several villagers told the Red Star News reporter that Xu Yuetian was adopted, honest and responsible, and had no grudges with human beings. However, since the demolition of Zhengkeng village in 2013, Xu Yuetian had quarrels with Liu Jifa for many times due to the compensation problem of house site demolition, which resulted in conflicts.
The report materials written by Xu Yuetian before his death.
Xu Yuetian repeatedly reported to relevant departments that Liu Jifa had embezzled public funds and embezzled state funds. In September 2020, Xu Yuetian’s daughter Xu Na told the Red Star News reporter that because of the continuous reporting, her father was retaliated by Liu Jifa more than once. “He often sent people to make trouble, and once beat my father.”
Xu Na said that in October 2014, Li Wengang and others broke into the children’s clothing store run by her father and beat her father with murder weapons such as machetes and handlebars, causing her father to be injured.
After that, Xu Yuetian reported the case. Although they suspected that Li Wengang and others were the instigators of Liu Jifa, due to insufficient evidence, the police did not deal with Liu Jifa. It was not until a few years later that the details of the case came to light with Liu Jifa’s own confession: in order to retaliate against Xu Yuetian’s report, Liu Jifa arranged personnel to “teach Xu Yuetian a lesson”, and after that, he gave Li Wengang 100000 yuan.
Before all kinds of contradictions and conflicts, Xu Na has been staring at Liu Jifa with suspicion. She believed that Liu Jifa had instructed Su Hang to kill his father.
Xu Na sent a large number of complaint letters to the relevant departments, which said, “my father never knew Suzhou and Hangzhou, and he deliberately fabricated facts to demand his guilt Seeing that my father was killed and helpless, I hope the relevant departments will thoroughly investigate the matter. The village secretary is still at large for his heinous crimes, which poses a great threat to the life and safety of my family. “
In September 2020, Xu Yuetian’s daughter was at the scene of her father’s murder.
But Xu Na never got a response. Two months after Xu Yuetian was hit and killed, Liu Jifa resigned as the village secretary.
Several Zhengkeng village cadres who had met with Liu Jifa said they did not know the specific reasons for Liu Jifa’s resignation. According to their recollections, in November 2016, the relevant person in charge of the sub district office came to the village for a meeting, at which he announced that he agreed to Liu Jifa’s resignation; another 20 days later, a member of the village branch took over the post of village secretary.
The case has changed in 2018. Although the police said the killing of Suzhou and Hangzhou