Shenzhen Metro gantry crane collapsed

9月 13, 2020 佛山站鸡

In the early morning of September 13, according to @ sunshine Bao’an, a gantry crane collapsed in the track project between the North Airport Station of Shenzhen metro line 20 phase I and Chongqing Road station at about 18:00 on the 12th. Two people died and six others were injured (one of them was seriously injured), all of them were sent to hospital for treatment. The scene rescue has been completed, and the accident investigation and rehabilitation work is in progress.
Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of housing and construction reported “9 · 12” gantry crane overturning accident of metro line 20
According to the latest notice of Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of housing and construction, Qianhai Administration Bureau, district (New District) Housing Construction Bureau, Shenzhen Shantou Special Cooperation Zone housing construction and Water Affairs Bureau, municipal quality supervision station, municipal municipal station, construction, construction, supervision units, and relevant units: the construction units of each construction project should seriously learn from the accident lessons, implement preventive measures, effectively strengthen the pre operation safety inspection, and strictly enforce the safety inspection before operation Strictly implement the operation procedures, and put an end to violations of regulations and labor discipline. The construction unit shall scientifically determine the construction period and the reasonable time required for each construction stage, and it is strictly prohibited to blindly rush for the construction period, catch up with the schedule and operate against the rules. The supervision unit should strictly control the “duty performance, inspection and detection, process control and process acceptance”, and should not relax the requirements and reduce the standards to ensure the construction safety. The construction unit should further strengthen the safety management and control of the construction site, strictly implement the safety protection and safety technology guarantee measures, plug the loopholes in violation of regulations, and strictly prevent and control the occurrence of accidents. All construction projects should strictly control the operation time, and it is strictly prohibited to work beyond the time limit. In principle, the construction operation start time should not be earlier than 6:00 a.m. and the end time should not be later than 22:00 p.m. the site management requirements of the whole operation period should be strictly implemented, and the fixed parts, procedures and personnel should be responsible for each other to ensure the safe and orderly construction.