Brother Shirley sent an apology

9月 14, 2020 佛山站鸡

Netease Entertainment reported on September 14 that the elder brother of the late Korean actress Cui Xueli posted an article on SNS early this morning, apologizing publicly for abusing Cui’s friend.
After the film of Cui Xueli was broadcast on MBC TV on September 10, a friend of Cui Xueli sent an article on SNS asking Cui Xueli’s mother and brother where Cui Xueli’s mother and brother were when Cui Xueli was alone under the vicious attack from the Internet, and when Cui Xueli was dragging her tired body to work. The friend also accused Cui Xueli’s mother and brother of using Cui Xueli as a tool to make money, so they cut off contact with Cui because she wanted to manage her own income.
In the face of Cui Xueli’s friend’s accusation, Cui Xueli’s brother retorted at the beginning, saying that if he is a real friend, he should point out when his friend walks in the wrong direction. For this friend of Cui Xueli, he only wants to keep his mouth shut and don’t talk nonsense. However, in the early morning of this morning, Cui Xueli’s brother once again posted an article in SNS, apologizing publicly for abusing Cui Xueli’s friend.