Granddaughter pushed into a cesspool by her grandmother

9月 16, 2020 佛山站鸡

About three hours after her husband, son and daughter-in-law left home, Xu, 55, pushed and pulled two granddaughters, aged 3 and 5, into a cesspool, drowning them. After that, Xu went back to his house and changed into clean clothes. He left the village to find a place to dive and commit suicide. Later, he was rescued in a reservoir
This is a tragedy in a village in Yingshan County, Sichuan Province, on the eve of this year’s Qingming Festival. Why did grandma commit murder on two granddaughters? According to Xu’s confession, she felt that her family was not good to her, and that she was suffering from gastric cancer. Her family did not see her doctor and suspected that her family had poisoned her food. She wanted to commit suicide and decided to do something before she died to make her family regret.
After judicial appraisal, Xu suffered from schizophrenia, and his illegal behavior on the day of the crime was assessed as part of the criminal responsibility capacity. On August 24 this year, the case was heard in Nanchong intermediate people’s court, and the prosecution accused Xu of intentional homicide.
Red Star News reporter learned that before the court session, Xu’s family submitted a “letter of understanding” to the prosecution, imploring the judiciary to give him a lighter punishment. On September 14, Red Star News learned from Nanchong intermediate people’s court that no judgment has been made in this case.
【1】 Tragedy
When the husband comes home, the door is closed
The remains of two granddaughters were found in the cesspool, and his wife was missing
The village where the old Li family is located is about 5 kilometers away from Yingshan County. A small two-story building built in the early years is very conspicuous in the village. A hardened cement Village Road, around the back of the house, extends further.
The tragedy happened on the eve of the Tomb Sweeping Day in 2020. The place where the remains of two granddaughters were picked up was the dungpit behind Lao Li’s house.
The cesspit of the accident
At noon on March 30 this year, the old Li family had lunch. At about 1:30, Lao Li and his little son went to work on the construction site, and the little daughter-in-law went out with them. Lao Li said that because the Tomb Sweeping Day was approaching, the daughter-in-law of the child went back to her mother’s home to pay homage to her deceased relatives. On the same day, after Lao Li and his younger son and his wife left home, only his wife Xu and two granddaughters were left. The youngest granddaughter was only 3 years old and the eldest granddaughter was only 5.5 years old.
The two granddaughters are the children of Lao Li’s youngest son. In the eyes of the villagers, the two girls are cute and cute, “the older (granddaughter) is in kindergarten. If there is no accident, she will go to primary school.”.
At about 7 o’clock in the evening, old Li returned to the village from work underground. He found that the door of his house was closed. He did not see his granddaughter who came to welcome him home. Even his wife, Xu, was not seen. Later, he contacted acquaintances in the city to inquire about many hospitals. He was worried about whether his wife and his two granddaughters would go to the hospital, because he found his wife’s clothes in the house, which were wet. “At that time, I thought I was rolling to the mud pool.”.
After a round of inquiry, there was no news. The son called the police and said that his mother and two daughters were missing. Until after dinner, Xu and his two granddaughters did not appear. A neighbor recalled that he had seen two granddaughters of Lao Li playing by the side of a cesspool that afternoon. After that, neighbors helped to uncover the boards blocking the cesspool. Soon, the bodies of the two missing girls were salvaged from the pit. A villager told Red Star news that two granddaughters of the old Li family had been killed, and they couldn’t help crying.
Wang Xieyu, the leader of the No.1 squadron of the criminal investigation team of Yingshan County Public Security Bureau, told Hongxing news that at about 10:00 p.m., the police immediately went to the scene to investigate. After the investigation and analysis of the scene, it was learned that the two girls were taken care of by their grandmother at home before the incident, but her grandmother was not found. The police analyzed that there were two possibilities: the two girls were her Grandma killed. In addition, two girls may have fallen into a cesspool and died accidentally. Her grandmother is worried about being blamed by her family and runs away from home.
That night, the police mobilized village cadres and villagers to look for the missing Xu, but failed.
【2】 Suicide failed
Grandma confessed to killing her two granddaughters
He was rescued the next morning when he committed suicide in the neighboring village reservoir
That night, Xu did not appear. Until about 8 am the next morning, the police received news that Xu committed suicide in a reservoir in a neighboring village and was rescued.
On September 15, the Red Star News reporter once reported the reservoir. According to local villagers, the reservoir is about 3 kilometers away from Xu’s family. Lao Peng, the reservoir administrator, recalled to Hongxing news that at about 6:30 that morning, he got up and sailed to inspect the reservoir to salvage dead fish. He made a tour along the reservoir. Finally, he found a corner near the dam where someone committed suicide. He rowed the boat over, grabbed each other’s shoulder, and then yelled for help. Fortunately, Laohe, a villager walking nearby, heard the news and rushed to the scene. They worked together to save the woman who had committed suicide by diving.
The next day, Xu committed suicide in the reservoir, was found and rescued by the reservoir administrator Lao Peng
“She said don’t save her. She’s going to die.” Lao Peng said that other villagers came after hearing the news, and also found clean clothes for strange women to change. Later, someone called the police and the police arrived at the scene. They later learned that Xu, the strange woman rescued, had killed her two granddaughters the day before.
According to the police, after the police arrived at the scene that day, Xu voluntarily admitted to killing two granddaughters and said that he wanted to commit suicide by diving into the reservoir to kill the two dead granddaughters.
According to Xu’s later confession, at about 3:00 p.m. on the day of the crime, her two granddaughters took a nap. She took her granddaughter to play on the nearby road, and said hello to her neighbors in the village. After wandering outside for a while, she took her two granddaughters home and gave them biscuits from the house