Military training of children with cerebral palsy in wheelchair

9月 17, 2020 佛山站鸡

On the morning of September 16, China Pharmaceutical University held the opening ceremony. At the swearing in ceremony, we saw a familiar figure. He was Yao Junpeng, a cerebral palsy teenager who had received much attention before. In this year’s college entrance examination, he scored 623 points and was admitted to the school of foreign languages of China Pharmaceutical University. For the new life, he is full of enthusiasm, this is not, the military training came, he thought that the law should also contribute to everyone.
In the morning, China Pharmaceutical University held the opening ceremony, and more than 5000 freshmen took the oath. Yao Junpeng, a child with cerebral palsy, who has received much attention before, is also in the team.
Wang Zhenghua, deputy secretary of the Party committee and vice president of China Pharmaceutical University, said: “I hope to see a better Junpeng and become a talent in four years’ time! strive! Come on
After the ceremony, Yao Junpeng did not leave. He insisted on riding in a wheelchair and marching in line with his classmates under the scorching sun.
Qiu Junyuan, a military training instructor, said: “I was shocked to see this student at the first time, but I was also very gratified. I had a lot of feelings. Such a classmate, he insisted on training, we have no reason not to work hard. “
In order to participate in military training in his own way, Yao Junpeng signed up for the new media department of the Institute of foreign languages a few days ago.
Yao Junpeng said: “one of the photos is for commemoration, and the other is for future materials for new media.”
Now, Yao Junpeng has chosen his favorite English major. In view of Junpeng’s difficulty in expression and slow in writing, the college also organized a learning and helping group for him to proofread his notes and practice his oral English every week. Every time to the canteen, there are enthusiastic students to take the initiative to help him order food, which makes him feel warm. In recent days, Junpeng’s parents take turns to accompany them at school. Junpeng is very adaptable and has been able to operate a wheelchair skillfully. In less than a month, he can live independently.
In his spare time, Yao Junpeng likes to drive his electric wheelchair around. Cherry Blossom Avenue and botanical garden are his favorite places. He measures every inch of the campus in his own way, feels every beautiful scene of the campus, and looks forward to a better future.
“I will continue to work hard and will not let them down,” Yao said
Excellent youth, the future can be expected!