Wanghong burned by her ex husband

9月 19, 2020 佛山站鸡

Blue sky and white clouds, snow mountain grassland, herbs gathering and grazing
She always updates and brings her works to netizens on time. She shares her life in the mountains and her joys and sorrows with the netizens outside the mountain through video and live broadcast. “Primary school culture, Putonghua is not very good, we are more inclusive.” Unlike many Internet Celebrities, Lam’s videos are more about recording life, and many videos are plain faced. Because of sincerity, netizens saw her reality. Many people say that she is tiktok in the most natural and simple.
However, an accident happened. On the night of September 14 this year, ram was burned with gasoline by his ex husband when he was broadcast live at home. He was severely burned and in critical condition. After the doctor was sent to the hospital, his family started to raise money on the Internet, and netizens relay donated 1 million yuan of love fund within one day, which relieved the urgent need of this poor family.