AI fortune-telling routine

9月 21, 2019 佛山站鸡

Scanning the two-dimensional code of Wechat, entering the interface full of technology sense, uploading a face photo, intelligent software decoding can generate an analysis report known as “see through your life”. Easy to operate steps, as well as “God Operator AI Face”, “Big Data AI Face”, “AI Intelligent Fortune-teller” and other highly confusing propaganda, so that some people indulge in fortune-telling. However, media surveys have found that the so-called “AI fortune telling” is nothing more than a cloak of science and technology. Behind it is a complete division of labor “sucking money” business chain, which is not credible.
In reality, AI facial scanning is mainly used for identity recognition by reading facial features. Although it is helpful for judging diseases by skin color and other details, there is no scientific basis for the use of facial expression and fortune telling, and behind it is more economic benefits. According to reports, many “AI Face” programs are in a prominent position to explain the recruitment of project agents, the platform is the largest profiteer, and some agents earn more than 10,000 yuan a month. The marketing promotion model of “AI fortune telling” must be vigilant with zero threshold, infinite fission at different levels and proportional revenue.
The supervision of AI fortune telling must be strengthened. “AI fortune telling” either operates without a license or operates illegally under the banner of consultation and service. On the one hand, market regulators should intensify their efforts to crack down on such illegal operations; on the other hand, relevant network platforms should also strengthen self-regulation, fulfill the main responsibility of the platform, and implement effective regulations on “AI fortune-telling” and online fortune-telling, so as not to facilitate illegal operations.
At the same time, for this kind of high-tech clothing business, also need to increase the strength of science popularization. The personal information collected in the process of “AI fortune telling” includes micro-message avatar, nickname, user’s mobile phone number, positive photos, etc. If it is not collected and used properly, it will increase the risk of personal privacy disclosure invisibly. Therefore, consumers should also enhance their awareness of prevention, fully realize the legal and security risks that such “AI fortune telling” may bring, and consciously resist them.


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