Death row prisoners dig holes to escape from prison

9月 22, 2020 佛山站鸡

According to foreign media reported on September 21, Indonesian police said that a Chinese prisoner facing death penalty had recently escaped from a prison in the capital of Indonesia. A Chinese prisoner facing death penalty dug a hole in his cell to connect the sewer and escape from the sewer. He is still at large.
Indonesia’s Jakarta police spokesman YUSRI Yunus said the 53 year old prisoner was named Chai Chang pan, also known as Cai Jifan. The prisoner, who was involved in smuggling methamphetamine, was sentenced to death in 2017. He broke out at about 2.30 a.m. on September 14 and dug a hole about 50 to 60 cm in diameter in the wall of his cell. The prison is located on the outskirts of Jakarta. The sewer leads to a road outside the prison. There is no water in it.
According to one inmate, Cai changpan has been planning for five to six months to escape from prison. The tools he used were construction engineering tools from the prison kitchen. Indonesia’s General Bureau of prisons spokesman Rika aburianti also said that CAI changpan took advantage of the prison to change guards to implement the escape.
According to Indonesian media reports, Cai changpan was sentenced to death by the dangerang local court for carrying 88 kilograms of methamphetamine. Police also found 70 kilograms of methamphetamine he had hidden. In 2017, he made a hole in the bathroom wall of the Jakarta police detention center and escaped.
At present, the Indonesian police have listed him as the most wanted criminal, coordinating the prison authorities to pursue the fugitive.