Falling into the circle of girlfriends

9月 23, 2020 佛山站鸡

At about 10:00 p.m. on September 19, a student fell from a building in building 19 of Xianlin Campus of Nanjing University. It is understood that the deceased was a female doctor. On the evening of the 20th, students from Nanjing University spontaneously came to the site of the incident to hold a memorial service. On September 22, the reporter contacted a person familiar with the matter, who revealed that the girl was in her fourth year of doctor’s degree, and the mid-term assessment had passed. People familiar with the matter said the girl’s parents had arrived in Nanjing.
As for the Nanjing University Student’s falling from the building, a student of the school who did not want to be named told the reporter that the girl who fell from the building was a senior student in the social College of the University. She was a girl with outstanding ability and extremely hard work. “I didn’t contact her very much, but my classmates around me commented on it. Her master’s students were also trying to contact us to send flowers.”
The student told reporters that the girl who fell from a building once published an article about her college entrance examination in a media. The article quoted self realization and self exploration into the meaning of college entrance examination related to it, and described her experience along the way. It is also mentioned in the article that when she was a graduate student, she met her current doctoral supervisor at an annual conference of psychology, and thus entered the doctoral stage relatively smoothly.
For the identity of the girl who fell from the building, the reporter asked the administrative office of the school of Social Sciences of Nanjing University for confirmation, and the staff of the office said that they were “not clear”. Subsequently, the reporter repeatedly called the Propaganda Department of Nanjing University, but the phone calls were not answered.
In addition, the reporter saw from the screenshot of the girl’s circle of friends that she had released a message on September 14, 2020: “Whoever counsels is Teddy, who counsels whose dog can’t eat shit, and who counsels who is vulture.” In this regard, the students said that this is the girl’s last circle of friends, as for the meaning, the student said not clear.
“Her family has come to Nanjing, and I heard they stayed in a hotel.” The classmate said that some students tried to contact her parents in various ways, but failed.
It is reported that on the night of the incident, Xianlin police station of Qixia Branch of Nanjing Public Security Bureau received the police and is currently under investigation. In this regard, the reporter also contacted the Xianlin police station, the relevant staff said it was not convenient to accept media interviews.