The salary in October can be paid in September

9月 25, 2020 佛山站鸡

And here’s the good news!
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The salary in October can be advanced to September!
Wages can be paid in advance in October
According to the requirements of the Interim Provisions on wage payment, if the employer is unable to pay wages during holidays, it should pay wages in the latest working day.
Article 7 of the Interim Provisions on wage payment: wages must be paid on the date agreed by the employer and the employee. In case of holidays or rest days, the payment shall be made in advance on the latest working day. The wages shall be paid at least once a month. If the weekly, daily and hourly wage system is implemented, the wages can be paid by week, day and hour.
Many units will pay wages before the 5th of each month, which means that during the “11” holiday, many units will pay their wages in October at the end of September.
Wages must be paid at the appointed time
You know what? Wages must be paid on the date agreed between the employer and the employee.
The employer shall specify in the rules and regulations or agree with the employee the fixed date of salary payment. If the wage payment period does not exceed one month (i.e. except for annual wages and quarterly wages), the agreed wage payment date shall not exceed 7 days after the expiration of the payment period.
Can wages be delayed or delayed?
If the employer is unable to pay wages on the agreed wage payment day for some reason, it may be extended appropriately.
Item 4 (2) of the supplementary provisions of “Regulations on wage payment” stipulates that if the employer is really affected by production and operation difficulties and capital turnover, it may temporarily postpone the payment of laborer’s wages after obtaining the consent of the trade union of the unit. The maximum limit of the delay time can be determined by the labor administrative departments of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government according to local conditions.
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