The police station digging for mobile phones is on fire

10月 5, 2020 佛山站鸡

Dunhuang, Gansu Province, Mingsha mountain crescent spring scenic spot police station recently became the wanghong police station, because more than 100 mobile phones can be dug out in the desert every year.
“I was on a camel,
After getting off the camel, I want to go to crescent spring,
I found my cell phone missing,
I’ll come to the police room
Please help… “
In Mingsha mountain crescent spring scenic spot public security police station
A tourist who just lost his mobile phone
Come in a hurry for help
Police with him to check the scenic spot monitoring
“Picking silk and peeling cocoons” followed every step of his footprints
Recall where the phone might have been lost
“Don’t worry. We’ll find it.”
Determine the general route of tourists
The police responded
Such an event
In Mingsha mountain crescent spring scenic spot public security police station
It’s common
“We get three to five every day.”
Lu Jiachen, an assistant police officer at the police station, said
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If you are in Mingsha Mountain Scenic Area
Seeing the police with high speed and full marks
Don’t think they’re on some mysterious mission
They may just be looking for mobile phones for tourists
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Kneel on the ground and dig sand by hand
Now the police are quite experienced
It’s usually quick to help tourists find their mobile phones
Lu Jiachen introduced:
“It’s more solid under the sand,
The deeper you dig, the harder it gets,
So it’s up to 30 centimeters,
Mobile phones will not go down any more. “
Plus the mobile phones of tourists now
Most of them have the positioning function on
At the same time, the working ability of the police has been enhanced
Six or seven of the ten lost phones can be recovered
Police station director Zhang Xin said
“Our police station
Every year in the sand
More than 100 mobile phones can be dug out.
This year is the highest in history,
So far, 53 have been dug up. “
Mingsha mountain YueYaQuan scenic spot police station was established in 1998
The main duty is to maintain the order of the scenic spot
But now the police station deals with security cases every year
Only about 3%
“Most police cases are to help tourists find lost items
Or help injured and straying tourists. “
Police station police “specially” look for mobile phones
Many people say that this is overkill
But the police did not complain
“It’s our job to help tourists,
Can help them,
We are very happy. “
In the police station
Thank you letters and notes from tourists to the police
All over the wall
See the news
Many netizens said:
“Praise them!”
There are also a lot of people
Recalled his own “sad history” with Mingsha mountain
The second half of the long holiday
Let me remind you
Although the police’s ability to “find mobile phones” is becoming more and more mature
But when we play
Don’t forget to take care of your belongings!