Large scale nucleic acid detection in Qingdao

10月 12, 2020 佛山站鸡

In October 11th, novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported in 3 new cases of pneumonia in Qingdao. The provincial and provincial governments were highly concerned by the comrades in charge of the disease. The first time was to make requests, make deployment, and schedule guidance to promote the epidemic disposal.
The main responsible comrades of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government require that people’s life safety and health be put first, attach great importance to it and deal with it promptly, take the most rigorous, comprehensive and efficient measures, and do a good job in the flow, investigation, detection, containment, isolation, treatment and other related work from a strict, meticulous and practical manner. It is necessary to mobilize the mobile forces of the whole province in terms of flow, coordination and detection, that is, to go to Qingdao to provide support and resolutely win the war of resistance and attack. All relevant departments at all levels should fully implement the normalization prevention and control measures, do a solid job in the prevention and control of the epidemic in autumn and winter, and consolidate the hard won achievements in epidemic prevention and control.
According to the deployment of the provincial Party committee, on the morning of November 11, the provincial Party committee’s overall command of epidemic prevention and control and economic operation held a meeting to listen to the situation report, study and judge the epidemic situation, and make arrangements for the handling of the epidemic situation. The meeting made it clear that the provincial Party committee and the provincial government should set up a front-line headquarters in Qingdao, and Qingdao should implement the main responsibility, strengthen overall planning and coordination, and pool the work force. It is necessary to strengthen the flow control and tracing, analysis, research and judgment, find out the source of infection as soon as possible, make clear the origin and context, and do a good job in scientific and accurate prevention and control work. It is necessary to strengthen the management and control of the hospitals and residential areas involved, do a good job in the management of key groups, and resolutely cut off the route of infection. In order to carry out large-scale nucleic acid detection immediately and thoroughly investigate the possible infected persons, it is necessary to realize the full coverage of urban personnel detection as soon as possible. Timely release of epidemic information and prevention and control measures to respond to social concerns.
The meeting stressed that the relevant departments at all levels in the province should tighten the string of epidemic prevention and control, resolutely overcome the paralyzed thinking, war weariness, fluke mentality and slackening mentality, draw inferences from one instance and proceed cautiously from the beginning to the end, earnestly grasp the epidemic prevention and control work to the end, and win the overall victory of epidemic prevention and control. We should be strict with the requirements of discipline, pay close attention to all kinds of work of external prevention input and internal anti rebound, firmly hold the bottom line of epidemic prevention and control, and create a good environment for consolidating the momentum of sustained and sound economic and social development, decisive victory and building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way.
In accordance with the requirements of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, the front headquarters is carrying out the epidemic disposal work quickly, steadily and orderly.