7,000 police officers in Paris

9月 22, 2019 佛山站鸡

Overseas Network, September 21, France 24-hour television reported that on Saturday (21), French youth held a climate change protest march in Paris, while the “yellow vest” protestors also launched the 45th round of marches. More than 7,000 police officers were deployed in Paris.
According to the Russian Satellite News Agency on the 21st, at least 30 protestors were arrested in Paris before the publication. French police also conducted verification and interrogation of 596 people and punished four demonstrators. Police also used tear gas against protesters in front of the San Lazar railway station.
Last week, about 1800 “yellow vest” demonstrators marched in Nantes, and at least 35 people were arrested for clashes with police. Three policemen and two gendarmes were injured in the conflict.
Since November last year, the government has raised the fuel tax, and there has been a “yellow vest” movement across France. Although the French government later abandoned plans to raise fuel taxes, the protestors continued to protest on the streets of France every weekend to express their dissatisfaction.
Just one day before the new round of “yellow vest” parade, French President Mark Long appealed to demonstrators to “calm down” on the 20th, saying that although it is a good thing to express his appeal, it should not undermine the same climate change protests held on Saturday (21).
Paris’s police chief, Didier Larmann, said 7,500 police officers would be deployed in the capital on Saturday, about the same number as those deployed during the peak of the “yellow vest” protests last December and March.


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