Maohongtao remains found

10月 16, 2020 佛山站鸡

On October 16, 2020, several sources confirmed to the economic observation network that maohongtao, Secretary of the Party committee of Chengdu University, had been found and located on the Bank of Jiang’an river near his home in Wenjiang, Chengdu.
Staff at Chengdu University Office said the situation was unclear; and the phone calls from the Propaganda Department office and several university leaders, including the main leaders of Chengdu Municipal Bureau of education, have not been answered. The telephone calls of the main leaders of Chengdu Municipal Bureau of education have been unanswered and have not replied to the SMS inquiries of reporters on the economic observation network.
At 6:00 on October 15, maohongtao, who is about to be 50 years old, has been in a state of shutdown after sending “a letter of no writing” from his wechat friends circle. His family and colleagues could not contact him.
Many police immediately called the police, and the police in Wenjiang District of Chengdu City intervened in the search after accepting the police.
This morning, comrade maohongtao, Secretary of the Party committee of Chengdu University, issued a statement on the same day that Comrade Mao Hongtao raised concerns in the personal wechat friends circle. Chengdu University immediately established a special working class, is cooperating with relevant departments to conduct investigation, and the progress will be announced in time.
Maohongtao, born in November 1970, was a Wuzhi person from Jiaozuo, Henan Province. He was admitted to Southwest University of Finance and economics in Chengdu, Sichuan Province in 1989 and majored in accounting.
Familiar with him, he told the economic watch network that in his student days, he had served as the president of the school student union. In 1996, after graduating from master’s degree, maohongtao stayed at the University for teaching and had been a visiting scholar at the University of Illinois in the United States.
Since 2001, maohongtao has served as deputy director of development planning department, director of education department and executive vice president of Graduate School of Southwest University of Finance and economics. In 2014, he was transferred to the vice president of Sichuan Tourism College; in 2016, he was vice mayor of Meishan City, Sichuan Province, and later served as the Standing Committee and propaganda minister of Meishan Municipal Committee. In february2019, maohongtao was transferred to Chengdu University to be Secretary of the Party committee.
In the early morning of October 15, 2020, maohongtao sent out “a letter of no writing” in his wechat friends circle.