The beheading of a teacher in Paris

10月 18, 2020 佛山站鸡

[global network reporter Zhang Xiaoya]

the investigation into the decapitation case in Paris, France, on the 16th is continuing. Agence France Presse reported on the 17th that four people, including a minor, have been arrested by the police. According to the Russian satellite news agency, the attackers are said to be the parents of a student taught by the victim.
On the afternoon of 16th local time, a history teacher in the suburb of Paris was said to have been beheaded by a man with a knife in front of the school gate for showing students cartoons of the Islamic prophet Muhammad in class. The attacker was then shot dead by police.
Russian satellite news agency quoted French media as saying that the victim had been threatened by some parents of students and even reported the case to the police. It is said that the attacker was the parent of a student taught by the victim.
Earlier on the 17th local time, a French judicial source told AFP that at present, four people, including a minor, have been arrested. The source also said that these people are related to the attackers.
The source also said that the identity documents found on the attacker showed that he was born in Moscow in 2002, but the relevant identity information still needs to be confirmed.
After the tragedy, French President Marcon, who attended the EU summit in Belgium, and French Interior Minister darmanin, who is visiting Morocco, have returned to Paris. After arriving at the site of the attack, makron called the case “a typical Islamic terrorist attack.”. Marcrone said the attack on the history teacher was an attack on the French Republic and Its Enlightenment values, and he called on the French people to unite to resist extremism.