74 year old wife under house arrest for cheating

10月 19, 2020 佛山站鸡

Three years ago, a 16-year-old Indonesian teenager insisted on marrying an old woman 55 years younger than his family. Many people are concerned about the success of the marriage. Foreign media recently reported that their marriage life is full of disputes, but their feelings are still harmonious.
According to comprehensive foreign media reports, 19-year-old Selamat riyadi and 74 year old rohaya had been quarrelling over their strong desire for possession after their marriage. The teenager thought that his wife was too attractive and might abandon herself after contact with others, so he locked rohaya at home and prohibited her from contacting outsiders.
At first, rohaya couldn’t accept her husband’s childishness and had many disputes with her. But later she began to understand that lyadee’s actions came from her love for her, so she began to obey her husband.
Li Yadi fell in love with her playmate’s mother rohaya three years ago, but the relationship was not blessed by his parents. They believe that the son is because of the impulse to start this abnormal love. In the past two marriages, her husband died early, so many people think she is an “ominous person”.
Unexpectedly, Li Yadi, who was stopped by his family, forced him to die. After he was rescued from suicide, his parents were finally probation and agreed to marry in 2017. At that time, the wedding of the grandparents and grandchildren was reported by the media, and the legal age of marriage for Indonesian men was 19 years old, but Li Yadi was still under age at that time, so their marriage was not legal.
In addition, there are many people who suspect that Li Yadi insisted on marrying rohaya because he coveted rohaya’s property. However, it turned out that rohaya was just an ordinary old woman who lived a miserable life in the countryside.
According to local customs, marriage does not require dowry or dowry. The man only needs to give his wife a gift worth 200000 Indonesian rupees (about 90 yuan). Therefore, netizens’ conjecture can not be confirmed. Li Yadi then explained that it was out of true love that he chose to marry. For him, external conditions were not important.