Obama bombards trump

10月 22, 2020 佛山站鸡

“This speech represents his (Obama’s) most direct attack on trump so far.” According to CNN daily 21, former US President Barack Obama delivered a speech in Philadelphia that day. In addition to supporting Democratic presidential candidate Biden, he also launched a fierce attack on U.S. President trump. Obama criticized trump from many aspects, such as economic policy, new crown response and so on. He accused trump of showing no interest in taking the president’s job seriously. He also said that the “prosperous economy” inherited by the latter from his term of office “he has completely messed up”.
According to reports, this speech is the first time that Obama made a political speech for his former vice president, Biden, which is undoubtedly “a good thing” for Democrats. In his speech, Obama criticized Trump’s work in the past four years. CNN commented that the speech represented his “most direct attack on trump so far”.
In his speech, Obama said that Trump’s presidency has not only changed the views of other countries on the United States, but also reshaped American views on politics.
“I never thought Donald Trump would fulfill my vision or inherit my policies, but I did hope so for the sake of this country, and I hope he may show some interest in taking this work seriously.” “But it didn’t happen. He didn’t show any interest in doing the work or helping anyone. He just did it for himself and his friends
Later, it was reported that Obama also launched attacks on Trump’s new crown response. According to CNN, trump recently said that he would “not make any changes” in his response to the new coronavirus. Speaking of this, Obama asked, “is this true?”
“It’s not going to change anything?”? Can’t you think about how to help some people and keep their loved ones alive? ” He asked.
In addition, the report said, Obama also believed that trump used the presidency to “enhance his image.”. “Even so, his TV ratings are falling,” he quipped. So, you know, it makes him uneasy. “
Obama also criticized trump for inheriting America’s “prosperous economy” from his own hands, however, “like everything else he inherited, he messed it up.”
“America is a wonderful and wonderful place,” Obama said at the end. “But we see so much noise and nonsense that it’s hard to remember what America is.”
“Philadelphia, I hope you can remember what this country should look like.” Obama stressed.
For Obama’s speech, CNN believes that this will undoubtedly anger trump. CNN also noted that for a long time, there has been a “tradition” in the United States that former presidents would avoid attacking their successors. However, the appearance of trump has changed it – instead, Obama has intensified his criticism of his predecessors.