Shoelaces pushed into the reservoir

10月 25, 2020 佛山站鸡

On October 21, two women in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, were playing near a reservoir. A woman pushed her partner into the water while tying her shoelaces, and fell into the water together.
Local police station police said it was not convenient to disclose.
The staff of the reservoir management office said: there were 110 police officers on that day, the reservoir only provided ships to assist in rescue, and did not understand the specific situation.
The woman tied her shoelaces and was pushed down the reservoir by her companion and drowned Net friend: the secret corner friend version
The video shows that the two women were on the Bank of the reservoir at the beginning. When the woman in yellow bent down to tie her shoelaces, the woman in black suddenly pushed them down the reservoir. In the water, they were still pulling together.
According to whirlpool video, Lishui branch of Nanjing Public Security Bureau said both men had drowned. Police said they had filed a case for investigation on the 22nd, and the pusher had taken depression drugs before.