Swiss Resistance to 5G

9月 23, 2019 佛山站鸡

On September 23, according to the Global Times, thousands of people in Switzerland recently protested against the construction of 5G base station network. People worried that 5G base station radiation is strong and energy-consuming. Although researchers believe that 5G network radiation is not much different from previous 3G and 4G, they still can not prevent the continued fermentation of the demonstration.
According to Switzerland’s Sunday Weekly, Switzerland is one of the earliest countries and regions in the world to introduce 5G. By July 2019, Switzerland had put 334 5G launching stations into operation. One third of the 5G antennas have been suspended due to public protests.
The protest was launched by Frequencia, a Swiss environmental and consumer organization. “It’s a strong protest against 5G building that so many people are gathering today,” said Woolman, chairman of the organization. In May this year, the organization organized a protest rally. The Swiss Federation of Doctors also advocates caution with regard to 5G new technology. In addition, some people launched online petitions, hoping to collect 100,000 signatures to request the government to hold a referendum, so that the public can decide whether to suspend 5G construction. Critics argue that electromagnetic radiation from 5G networks poses unprecedented health and environmental risks compared with previous generations of networks.


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