Employees are taken out of the company by HR

11月 7, 2020 佛山站鸡

According to the news of bullwhip on November 6, netizens who claimed to be “the party involved in the lifting of tiger teeth” sent an article today saying that he was dismissed by violence by the company and suffered from depression due to the cold violence of the immediate leadership.
The netizen said that after he refused to sign the resignation letter, the HR rate of the company was 5 people to carry it out of the company, personal belongings could not be taken away, and the head was hit during the whole process, which led to psychological and physical frustration.
The netizen also revealed that his immediate leadership insulted him with verbal insults such as “eating excrement”, “not suitable for this job”, and was in a dilemma in work. Since then, the leaders directly under the leadership assigned KPI, requiring the data of five anchors to be increased by 8 to 10 times on September 30. But later he said bluntly, “forget about saving this money, and talk about compensation directly.”.
After that, the netizen said he was dismissed for “incompetence” and was diagnosed with depression after nearly four months of repression and verbal violence. It is understood that the company stipulates that a hearing can be held in this case, but an HR executive in Huya said, “this is a small matter and there is no need to hold a hearing.”
In early November, after accidentally learning that the employee’s work experience of a certain period of one and a half months was not reflected in the resume, the two HR personnel informed him that he was dismissed, confiscated his job card, escorted him to the work station with five men, and then drove him out of the company for “serious overtime”.