Hospital response to pregnancy of female patients

11月 10, 2020 佛山站鸡

On November 5, when he mentioned his pregnant wife, the young Xiao Hai (not his real name) was very angry. His wife Xiaoyu (pseudonym) was admitted to the Weixian mental rehabilitation hospital in Hebei Province due to mental illness. A male nurse worker actually had a relationship with her and became pregnant. His wife is pregnant with someone else’s child, and Xiao Hai, who feels greatly humiliated, wants to ask for an explanation
Is psychosis female patient and male nurse worker “voluntary” relationship pregnancy during hospitalization? Hospitals: personal moral problems, hospitals do not have much responsibility
■ Xiaoyu’s early pregnancy image report.
“Don’t talk” was sent to a mental hospital
Xiaohai’s family conditions are poor. According to the matchmaker, Xiaoyu, 22, will be married in October 2019. In order to get married, Xiaohai still owes more than 200000 yuan in debt. Xiaohai said that at that time, he didn’t find anything wrong with Xiaoyu, that is, he was honest and unresponsive. Xiao Hai’s uncle also said that before his nephew got married, he heard from the matchmaker and her parents that Xiaoyu was an honest girl. After meeting, he found that her intelligence was a little weak. However, everyone thought that she could live a solid life in the countryside, but they didn’t go to heart.
In March 2020, Xiaohai and his family suddenly found that Xiaoyu’s behavior was even more abnormal. They did not speak or eat, and they liked to lie down and sleep, but could not wake up. After consultation between the parents of both sides, they decided to take Xiaoyu to the Weixian mental rehabilitation hospital for examination. After receiving it, president Zhang claimed that the conditions of the hospital were good and the medical level was high, which guaranteed that they would be cured in three months. So on April 7, the family went through the hospitalization procedures for Xiaoyu. Xiao Hai told reporters that because he had to support his family and pay off his debts, he went out to work. In fact, he didn’t want his wife to live in a mental hospital. He just wanted to see a psychologist.
Xiao Hai said that when his daughter-in-law was just in hospital, his mother did not go to the hospital very often. However, the Weixian mental rehabilitation hospital stipulated that patients were not allowed to see their families during the treatment period, saying that the treatment effect would be affected. His mother listened to the hospital’s advice and stopped visiting.
Just discharged from hospital but found a new disease
After more than three months of treatment, on July 19, Xiao Hai’s mother went to the hospital and took her daughter-in-law home. Xiao Hai said that it was mainly because she couldn’t afford the medical expenses. She didn’t have any good treatment at all. She still didn’t like to speak. She answered questions slowly and could not do any housework
About half a month later, Xiaohai’s mother found a new problem, and her daughter-in-law Xiaoyu had vomiting after dinner. One day in August, the old man took light rain to the hospital for an examination, and the results showed that the pregnancy was about 50 days. According to this inference, it should be pregnant about June during hospitalization. “It was like a bolt from the blue when I learned about the situation. I was very painful and angry!” Xiao Hai said angrily that from the beginning of April to August, because he worked in other places, he didn’t have intimate contact with his wife in the same bed. Besides, his wife was in closed treatment during the hospitalization. Obviously, the child belongs to someone else.
Later, after examination, it was confirmed that Xiaoyu was indeed pregnant. On August 22, Xiaohai’s mother, uncle and others came to the Weixian mental rehabilitation hospital to discuss their views. Not Chengxiang soon came to light, a male nurse Guo stood up, admitted that he and Xiaoyu had sex, but argued that both sides were voluntary.
Xiaohai and his family believe that Xiaoyu is a psychopath and has no clear ability to distinguish some of his behaviors. What’s more, during the period of closed treatment in the hospital, Guo and the hospital must bear corresponding responsibilities.
Is psychosis female patient and male nurse worker “voluntary” relationship pregnancy during hospitalization? Hospitals: personal moral problems, hospitals do not have much responsibility
■ Xiaoyu was pregnant during the closed hospital stay in Weixian mental rehabilitation hospital.
Discussion and argument everywhere
On November 5, Ren vice president of Weixian mental rehabilitation hospital told reporters that it was on August 22 that the hospital learned about Xiaoyu’s pregnancy. Guo, a 31 year old nursing worker, is single and has been in the hospital for five or six years. He is mainly engaged in miscellaneous work and nursing mental patients. He is usually very honest. Originally, Xiaoyu was on the third floor, all of them were female patients. She was not allowed to walk around and go out at will. But after the basic treatment was completed, she had to be discharged from the hospital, so the management was not so tight.
According to the investigation of the hospital, Xiaoyu came to the medical office on the second floor from the third floor alone. At that time, the female nurse went to eat after work, and only male nurse Guo was there. Xiaoyu asks Guo for snacks. He is lonely and widowed. As a result, Guo doesn’t control it, so something happened that shouldn’t have happened. Ren said the hospital withheld Guo’s salary and dismissed him at the end of August. However, he believes that this is a personal moral problem of Guo, and the hospital does not have much responsibility. Reporter asked for a telephone number of Guo, vice president Ren said no, now can’t contact.
On November 5, the reporter came to the Weixian Health Bureau on this matter. A staff member asked him to contact sun, the head of the medical and political unit. He said that he was busy and did not have time for an interview. Later, the reporter did not call director Zhai and did not respond after sending the outline of the interview.
On November 8, Xiao Hai’s uncle reluctantly said that it had been more than two months since August 22, and they couldn’t find Guo. The Wei county mental rehabilitation hospital ignored him. The Wei County Health Bureau only said that he would mediate, but he did not follow. At present, they have called the police and are waiting for the results of the police investigation.
A lawyer in Shijiazhuang City pointed out that the public security department should issue a certificate of authorization. If Xiaoyu is a person with no capacity for civil conduct, Guo will bear criminal responsibility. According to the relevant regulations, knowing that the woman is a psychopath or dementia (Cheng Duyan