Die in the wilderness

11月 12, 2020 佛山站鸡

An 85 year old man in Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province, won a prize of 11.95 million yuan (about NT $51.38 million). In order to fight for the property, his four children did many acts that made him feel cold. The eldest son had been unemployed for many years and asked him to support him. The younger son even took him to the mountain and went down the mountain to try to make him lost in the mountains. He decided to walk more than 10 kilometers under the high temperature to live in the wilderness However, after his death, his children were still fighting for the inheritance, which caused public outcry.
The old man has three sons and one daughter. He won the first prize of 11.95 million yuan in the lottery a few days ago. He thought he could lead a leisurely retirement life. Unexpectedly, he had to raise his eldest son who had been unemployed for many years. He was also taken by the younger son to climb the mountain and was left in the mountain. Finally, he walked down the mountain by himself to escape danger. Then he left the child with his wife and lived in Wuhan for nearly a year. In July this year, he took the train to his hometown of Jiangxi Ganzhou, instead of going back to look for children, lived alone in a hotel, stayed the next day without eating or drinking, and walked more than 10 kilometers under the high temperature of 40 degrees, and then went to the wild on a desperate road.
To the anger of the outside world, it has been four months since the old man passed away, and the four children have not been arguing about the inheritance. Even though the mother has no choice but to draw up a scheme for the division of the estate, she has to keep one third of her own and the rest will be shared equally by the four children. However, the eldest son still disagrees with the plan. Finally, the matter has to be decided by the court, which is still under trial.