Abe reveals trump

11月 14, 2020 佛山站鸡

On the ground of “security law” between Japan and the United States
According to Kyodo news on the 13th, Abe received an exclusive interview with Kyodo on the 12th. In the interview, Abe revealed a lot of things he didn’t know when he held summit talks with U.S. President trump when he was Japanese Prime Minister.
According to reports, Abe disclosed that trump has repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with the “Japan US Security Treaty” and repeatedly stressed that the United States should bear more responsibilities in case of emergency than Japan, which is “unfair”.
Abe also told Kyodo news agency that he was constantly persuading trump in order to strengthen the Japan US alliance.
According to reports, Abe revealed that trump questioned in a meeting: “if Japan is attacked by North Korea, the United States will fight (for Japan). But if the United States is attacked by China, will Japan do nothing? “
According to the report, in order to appease trump, Abe referred to the new security law implemented by the Japanese government in 2016, which added controversial clauses such as lifting the ban on exercising the “collective self-defense right of the self defense forces”.
Kyodo news agency said Abe explained to trump at that time: “I revised the constitutional interpretation and implemented the (New) security law. For this reason, my cabinet support rate has also dropped by 10%. “
According to reports, trump said “convinced” and praised Abe: “you are a warrior.”
In an exclusive interview, Abe also said he “felt the challenge” because of Trump’s dissatisfaction. “It’s also a common American idea,” he said. Without an explanation, the alliance will not be maintained. “
In February 2017, Shinzo Abe, then Japanese Prime Minister, visited the United States. At that time, Japanese media reporters asked the heads of the two countries to shake hands with each other. Trump drew closer and patted Abe’s hands several times for 19 seconds.
According to previous reports by Japanese media, Japan’s security related law (New Security Law) was formally implemented on March 29, 2016, which expands the scope of the Japanese Self Defense Force’s mission, allows limited exercise of the “collective self-defense right”, and provides “weapons and other protection” to US warships in peacetime. Japan’s Asahi Shimbun reported that the implementation of the new security law was generally opposed by the Japanese people, and Abe’s cabinet support rate at that time also fell below 40%.
Kyodo news agency said Abe did not mention the specific talks that took place. But according to the report, since November 2016, Abe and trump have held about 15 talks, none of which has been made public before