The old man was abandoned

11月 17, 2020 佛山站鸡

The number of novel coronavirus pneumonia in India has been rising. The current social situation in India has become a focus topic. In trengana, an 82 year old woman infected with the new coronavirus was expelled from her home by her son, which attracted the attention of the Indian media.
According to today’s India report, the old woman, lacchama, was abandoned by her sons and forced to live in a makeshift hut near the well after she was found positive for the new coronavirus. Recently, her predicament was discovered.
Rachama has a daughter and four sons. She couldn’t walk without a walker. At first, she had some symptoms of the new coronavirus, and then she was diagnosed with infection. Because of the local time, her son will be abandoned for 6 days. After learning about her mother’s condition and her brothers’ inhumane practices, her daughter rushed back to the village and took care of her sick mother.
The epidemic continues to spread in India. Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in India’s latest report showed that the new confirmed cases of pneumonia in India increased to 4204613 cases, 7 times in the India times, according to the latest report of the Ministry of health in September 7th. In the past 24 hours, there were 90802 new confirmed cases in India, the highest increase in a single day since the outbreak. Novel coronavirus pneumonia has surpassed Brazil and has become the second highest number of confirmed cases of pneumonia in the world, according to worldometer’s latest data.
Trongan also novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were reported on the same day, with 9 new deaths confirmed. 1802 cases of new crown pneumonia confirmed. At present, there are a total of 142771 cases of infection in the state, with 895 deaths.