Mother disgrace case party out of prison

11月 19, 2020 佛山站鸡

On the morning of November 18, 2020, Yu Huan, a party involved in the case of humiliating his mother, was released from prison with commutation of his sentence. Previously, he was sentenced to life imprisonment for stabbing the insulting mother, and later was sentenced to five years’ imprisonment. On April 14, 2016, Su Yinxia Yu Huan’s mother and son were unable to repay the usury, so they were restricted their personal freedom by 11 debt collectors, and were insulted by abuse, slapping, shoes covering the mouth, etc. Du Zhihao, the debt collector, took off his pants in front of Yu Huan and insulted Su Yinxia with extreme means. Desperate Yu Huan picked up a fruit knife and stabbed four people. Du Zhihao, who was stabbed, died the next day. On February 17, 2017, Liaocheng intermediate people’s court sentenced Yu Huan to life imprisonment for intentional injury.
The Supreme People’s Procuratorate sent its staff to Shandong for examination.
On May 27, 2017, the second trial of Shandong high court reported the relevant information of the trial by live broadcast.
On June 23, 2017, the Shandong high court decided that Yu Huan was in excessive defense and was sentenced to 5 years’ imprisonment.
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On trial of gang involved in the case of Yu Huan
After 12 days’ trial on the 14 day and three days in a row, the people’s Court of Liaocheng District of Shandong province ended the trial of Wu Xuezhan’s criminal syndicate criminal organization behind the Huan case. There are 15 accused in Wu Xuezhan’s gangland Gang criminal organization, involving 9 counts.
The public prosecution organs allege that since 2010, the defendant Wu xuezhan has successively established Taichang Investment Co., Ltd. and Taihe Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. in Guanxian County, Shandong Province. Zhao Rongrong, the defendant, is in charge of accounting management. More than ten defendants, including Guo Yangang, Guo Shulin and Wu Fengzhi, have been gathered together to become a criminal organization with a nature of underworld.
Prosecutor Kong Yu: the gang organized many criminal and illegal activities by means of violence and threat. In order to force usury to illegally invade Su Yinxia’s house, he illegally detained Su Yinxia and Yu Huan.
The public prosecutor accused Wu Xuezhan of 15 accused persons suspected of organizing, leading and participating in criminal organization of gangland, 9 crimes of forced transaction, illegal invasion of residence and illegal detention. Among them, the crime of illegal invasion and the crime of illegal detention are directly related to the Yuhuan case.
In April 2016, the defendants Wu xuezhan and Zhao Rongrong forced Wu Fenglei, Du Zhihao and others to illegally intrude into Su Yinxia’s house, forced the moving company to remove the interior furniture, and pressed Su Yinxia’s head into the toilet. On April 14, in order to exert pressure, the defendant Wu xuezhan instructed Zhao Rongrong to gather people to go to Yuanda industry and trade company of Su Yinxia to collect debts, and illegally detained Su Yinxia and his son Yu Huan. During this period, Du Zhihao, a gang member, humiliated Su Yinxia by exposing his lower body. Finally, Yu Huan stabbed Du Zhihao with a knife and stabbed three gang members.
According to the evidence presented by the procuratorial organ in court, Wu xuezhan, who rushed to the scene to deal with the case in private, tried to persuade the police on duty not to arrest the person and hand it over to himself, in order to avoid being out of control after the intervention of public power, but he was rejected by the police.
Later, Wu xuezhan invested 2 million yuan to appease the family members of the gang member Du Zhihao who were stabbed to death, and gave Yan Jianjun, a member of the gang who was injured, to contact the hospital in Beijing for treatment. At the same time, the funds of criminal gangs should be transferred quickly to avoid the attack of the police.
According to the accusations of the public prosecution organ, 15 defendants, including Wu xuezhan, granted usury and forced transactions in the local area to dominate and harm one party, which had a significant impact on the local financial industry and seriously damaged the economic and social order. What are their specific criminal facts?
The public prosecution organ accused Wu xuezhan and other 15 criminal gangs with the nature of underworld to obtain economic benefits through crimes and illegal activities, including forced transactions and usury. In April 2015, Guanxian people’s hospital invited public bidding for the ward building construction project. After Wu xuezhan failed to borrow other people’s qualifications, he forced two local enterprises that normally won the bid to transfer the bidding project to him by means of malicious reporting, threats and threats, and received more than 10 million yuan from Guanxian people’s hospital.
In addition, because of the land dispute, Wu xuezhan also used a knife to cut the face of sun Guangjun, who was in conflict with him, leading to six stitches on Sun Guangjun’s face, which constituted a minor injury level II; he also instructed gang members to deliberately hurt several victims such as Lang Baoting.
The public prosecution accused Wu xuezhan of deliberately destroying property and public telecommunications facilities, cutting off the local Unicom’s communication cable, causing more than 4800 households to lose communication for more than one hour.
In order to make exorbitant profits by issuing usury, Wu xuezhan’s Gang also maliciously reported relevant enterprises to local financial institutions such as CCB and Qilu bank, and made trouble in some banks to prevent banks from lending to enterprises normally. The defendant Wu xuezhan denied or disagreed with the facts of the crime and the relevant evidence presented by the public prosecution organ.
The public prosecutor refuted Wu xuezhan’s denial according to the evidence. For gang members involved in the crime of forcibly insulting women, rape and other criminal facts, the court conducted a closed trial in accordance with the law. During the three-day trial, the public prosecutor, the victim, the agent ad litem, the defendant and the defender all fully expressed their opinions.
It is also understood that after the Yu Huan case, while the local political and legal organs cracked down on Wu xuezhan and other 15 criminal gangs involved in the underworld, they are now investigating Wu Deming, former head of Donggu Town, Guanxian County, and Chen, former leader of the Criminal Police Brigade of Guanxian Public Security Bureau