Actor and daughter-in-law face to face celebration

11月 24, 2020 佛山站鸡

On November 22, famous actor Shi Xiu posted his 73 year old birthday photo on the social platform.
Among the pictures, there is a very special picture of Shi Xiu’s nine grid palace made up of different photos of different age stages since he was a child star. It is obvious that Shi Xiu has always had an amazing high appearance value, from good-looking to big from childhood to the age of rarity, and can still maintain a super good state.
Shi Xiu’s family atmosphere is very warm and his relationship with his daughter-in-law seems very close. One of the pictures is a recent photo of him and his daughter-in-law, and their looks are very online.
As a well-known actor in Hong Kong, he has participated in various types of TV dramas, such as drama, comedy, martial arts drama, costume drama and Republic of China drama. He can easily switch between different roles, and his acting skills are perfect.
Shi Xiu’s most well-known TV play is “Tianlong Babu”. The role of Mu Rongfu in this play has made him famous and gained a large number of fans. His popularity and attention have been improved qualitatively. He is also known as “the most handsome murongfu in history”.
He made his debut at the age of 8, and later won the favor of TVB. He made several TV series produced by TVB, such as “march forward bravely” in cooperation with CAI Shaofen. He also had three in three out of TVB, did not limit his development in one place.
On one occasion, he suddenly fainted, but there was no sign. After examination, it was no big problem. After a while, Shi Xiu was unable to absorb nutrition. Hearing that Tai Chi was useful, he kept practicing Tai Chi slowly. After several months, he finally got better.
Shi Xiu is not only successful in his career, but also in love. He and Huang ruli have been in love for 50 years. The couple have been in love with each other for 50 years. During this period, neither of them has been reported to have an affair. It is not difficult to see that they are deeply in love.