Yang Huiyan continues to be the richest woman

11月 27, 2020 佛山站鸡

*** Yang Huiyan, 39, was the richest woman in China for four consecutive years with an increase of 50 billion yuan.
Zhong Huijuan, 59, from Lianyungang, a 59 year old woman from Lianyungang, has a wealth increase of 51 billion to 135 billion, surpassing Wu Yajun, Queen of real estate, and becoming the richest woman from scratch in China and the world for the first time. Peng Lei ranked the top 2.5 billion companies in the list of Alibaba’s top 20 billion companies.
In addition, there are 16 inheritors of wealth, accounting for 29%. New hope’s 40 year old Liu Chang’s personal wealth increased by 3 billion to 27 billion.
A total of 13 female entrepreneurs were dropped out of the list, namely, Xiao Wenhui, a new Hualian entrepreneur, who was in financial crisis due to default on debt; bosden Meidong, Wu Yulan of Hengrui, Zhang Jing of Maoye, Lu qianfang of Yajule, Xu Huiqing of Minhua, Wang Qiuyang of Jindian, Zhou Yanqi of Hailan family, Zhao Yilian of Nandu, Fu Fang and Shen of Shengnong, who were not listed on the list Chen Xiaoying of Tong, Lin Xuyan of Yongfeng and Zhang Sichuan of Momo.
“Chinese female heirs are expected to inherit 19.5 trillion in 20 years.” According to the Hurun wealth report, it is estimated that 17 trillion yuan of wealth will be passed on to the next generation within 10 years, 39 trillion yuan will be passed on to the next generation in 20 years, and 60 trillion yuan will be passed on to the next generation in 30 years, with half of them being men and women.
“In five years’ time, there should be more than a dozen trillion entrepreneurs and several hundred billion philanthropists in China. According to the speed of wealth creation in recent years, the saying” wealth can’t be more than three generations “will be subverted. Such a large amount of wealth will never be spent by three generations.”
“European and American families, especially the old aristocratic families, will transfer the ownership of the company to their children relatively early, mainly considering the inheritance tax. In China, this form has just begun, and Yang Huiyan and Ji kaiting are the representatives.”