New crown vaccine Guardian dies

12月 2, 2020 佛山站鸡

When China died in the novel coronavirus pneumonia, we only knew him for more than two months. During the fight against the new crown pneumonia, Professor Zhao Zhendong, a researcher at the Institute of pathogen biology, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, was on the way to a business trip. He finally died in September 17th. He died in Beijing in September 17th. During the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, Zhao Zhendong, 53, as the head of the national defense defense control and control mechanism research group, the first group of vaccine research and development team, ran round the clock, sticking to the line of vaccine development day and night, and fighting for more than 200 days. On September 16, he returned to Beijing after attending the academic conference from Changsha, collapsed in Terminal T3 of the capital airport, and died in the early morning of the next day.