Biden’s response was suspended

12月 19, 2020 佛山站鸡

According to CNN, Biden’s transition team said on the 18th local time that they did not agree to a two-week suspension with Pentagon officials during the “critical transfer of power.”. Earlier, Acting Secretary of defense Miller said both the Pentagon and the Biden transition team agreed to make a two-week “holiday pause.”.
“The two sides did not reach a consensus on the holiday break,” the executive director of the Biden transition team said on the same day in response to the US Department of Defense’s suspension of transition work with Biden team. “We think that the briefing and other arrangements are very important during this period, because there is no extra time.”
Miller previously acknowledged that the Pentagon has postponed a series of meetings with Biden’s transition team scheduled to be held on the 18th, saying they would be rescheduled after the holiday.