Be prepared to fight for a long time

Be prepared to fight for a long time

The novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia is released by the World Health Organization. It has been diagnosed as 234073 cases of new crown pneumonia (24247 cases) and 9840 cases (1061 cases) in recent 20 hours at 23:59 on March 19th (Beijing time 6:59). The novel coronavirus pneumonia is a global trend. Preventing imported cases is becoming an important work in preventing and controlling the epidemic.
“China’s novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has increased dramatically in China,” he said. Wang Hufeng, director of the medical reform research center of Renmin University of China and professor of the school of public management of Renmin University of China, studied and analyzed that the global epidemic is still on the rise, and China’s prevention and control of overseas epidemic imports should be prepared for a long-term war.
Wang Hufeng, director of medical reform research center of Renmin University of China, Professor of School of public management
According to the latest who report, the number of newly confirmed cases in the Americas increased by 85.7% on March 19 compared with the previous day. The number of newly diagnosed cases in Europe has exceeded 10000 for two consecutive days. From 0:00 to 24:00 on March 19, except for Hubei, all the new cases in other areas were confirmed cases imported from abroad, up to 39 cases.
“Judging from the current global development trend, the peak of overseas epidemic input may come in the next few weeks, this summer and around New Year’s day.” Wang Hufeng believes that the best window for global epidemic prevention and control is within 2-3 months. If the global cooperation enables the epidemic to be effectively controlled, this will greatly reduce the pressure on China’s epidemic prevention. If not, prevention and control of the epidemic will become the norm, and both countries and individuals should be well prepared.
How to carry out effective prevention and control? Wang Hufeng put forward several suggestions. First of all, the public should not relax their vigilance. Wearing masks and washing hands frequently will become the normal preventive measures. Secondly, it is necessary to set up inspection points and isolation points in airports, customs and other places, but it is not enough. We can move forward the customs gate. It is very necessary for foreigners to master their information and deal with the corresponding plans when they purchase tickets.
Finally, the relevant legal measures for epidemic prevention should be established and improved as soon as possible, which is conducive to reducing the occurrence of bad behaviors such as epidemic concealment and non cooperation in epidemic prevention, so as to realize the legalization of epidemic prevention and relieve the pressure of emergency epidemic prevention.

The first confirmed head of state

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed on the day of the French media on March 19th afternoon, Prince Albert II, head of Monaco, Albert S.
The Royal Palace of Monaco told the media that Prince Albert II’s condition was not serious.
He is believed to novel coronavirus pneumonia.
Prince Albert II was born in 1958, aged 62, and officially became head of the Principality of Monaco in July 2005.

Zhang Meng and Jin Ensheng announce their love

Eat melon to eat really? On the 18th, a rumor about Zhang Meng’s love affair with little five JinEnSheng spread. Netizens not only scratched the bottom of their ambiguous coincidence, but also spread out the story of the man’s suspected secret marriage and infidelity. Just when netizens were still immersed in the joy of eating melons, the two were really high-profile and open love!
On the morning of March 19, JinEnSheng sweet Aite Zhang Meng said: “I want to walk with you on a sunny day and hold an umbrella for you on a rainy day. “The love affair was announced by Zhang Meng in the way of rustic love,” he responded immediately. He said, “you are my man and my little prince. I can finally undo the bottle cap.” “The words are full of the sour smell of love, which makes people eat up the dog food!
Later, Jin Ensheng also issued a statement on the secret marriage, saying: “I’m sorry to disturb you with the so-called information on the Internet. I did have a relationship with Ms. Wu, but I have been separated peacefully. The relationship is originally a private matter, and I have the right to choose not to disclose it, but I still hurt the innocent people. I’m sorry. “It seems that the relationship with the former is indeed true, but it has already been separated. It’s not the story of cheating on the Internet.
Zhang Meng, as a little famous actress, has been hotly debated in recent years on topics such as “plastic surgery” and “junior”. This time, Jin Ensheng, the hero of the romance, once co hosted one of the brotherhood groups of “day up” with Wang Han. He is also one of the most inspirational members with excellent singing and dancing, which can be described as a little celebrity. This time, the relationship between China and South Korea can be said to have broken the sub dimension wall, which is surprising.
The generous response of the two people this time shocked people, but also brought full blessing. Looking back at a series of “ambiguous coincidences” picked up by netizens, it seems that everything can be traced. This is the so-called “no one’s Corner”, there are more romantic secrets!
First of all, Jin Ensheng and Zhang Meng published an outdoor photo on March 15 and March 16, respectively. They were wearing a couple’s clothes, not only wearing a black and white fisherman’s hat with the same letter, but also choosing a loose jeans jacket and jeans. Even canvas shoes are of the same color, which is not what a couple is!
Do you think there is only so much information in this picture? That’s a big mistake. Zoom in to see the architectural glass appearance of the background of the two people, light color thin strip and blue glass splicing, with high similarity. Moreover, from the social platform copywriting of Zhang Meng, Zhang Meng claims that this is downstairs of his own home, and it seems that the two people with deep affection may have come to the point of cohabitation. “
There are more romantic details. In a small video of Zhang Meng appearing in February, a picture of a man suddenly appears in the background of Zhang Meng’s locker. After comparison, the man is Jin Ensheng. Visiting boyfriend’s photos at home, so little girl’s little Qiao Si, how to think is sweet taste.
Seeing this, many people will wonder how the two people meet? Back a long time ago, in 2015, the two had worked together on the same film godfather in love, while the most recent frame was in January 2020, when they made a funny little video together, and their behaviors looked very close.
Zhang Meng was once accused of interfering in Liu Yuxin’s marriage. He has been troubled by the label of “junior three” for years. Now it’s a happy thing to find his own happiness.
Unexpectedly generous open, we also wish them happiness together!

Trump epidemic prevention and Control Full Score

On the 16th of local time, President trump of the United States and his team held a press conference on the current epidemic in the White House. At the conference, trump commented that his anti epidemic policy was very excellent and he gave a very good call to himself. He also said that he took over an outdated system from his previous post, and he used the existing system and made improvements, which was very good.

Li Xiang’s live broadcast is suspected of violating the law

You’ll get the freshest Morchella. I’ll tell you that tonifying the body is the best. It can strengthen the resistance, help digestion, invigorate the brain, invigorate the kidney and invigorate the Yang. It’s very good for the old. It’s also good for the young. It’s OK for the children. It’s all right. ” Li Xiang, former host of Hunan Satellite TV, recommended a kind of fresh Morel mushroom to fans in the live room on March 13.
Li Xiang’s live broadcast is suspected of violating the law, experts remind: online red tape is also subject to legal constraints
“Li Xiang’s live broadcast is suspected of violating three laws.” Qiu Baochang, an expert of the expert committee of China Consumer Association, said. Qiu Baochang pointed out that the three laws suspected of violation are: first, Article 9 of the advertising law stipulates that “national”, “highest”, “best” and other terms shall not be used, and Li Xiang uses the language of “absolute”; second, when describing Morchella, it is easy to mislead consumers to think that Morchella has the function of curing diseases, and if consumers eat and make it due to such propaganda As a result, Li Xiang is required to bear civil liability for violating the law on the protection of consumers’ rights and interests. Thirdly, in violation of Article 73 of the food safety law, the contents of food advertisements should be authentic and legal, and should not contain false contents, and should not involve the functions of disease prevention and treatment. Food producers and operators are responsible for the authenticity and legality of the contents of food advertisements. Natural persons should act on their behalf It is necessary to have eaten or used the endorsements. If there is a problem with the endorsements, the endorsers shall also bear joint and several liability. Qiu Baochang further explained that once there is a problem with the live broadcast goods, there are two types of punishment objects: if the operator of the live broadcast room is Li Xiang, Li Xiang will definitely bear the legal responsibility; if the operator of the live broadcast room is someone else, then in addition to the punishment of the operator, the carrier will also be punished at the same time.

3 days of continuous growth in overseas import

From 0:00 to 24:00 on March 12, 3 cases (2 in Shanghai and 1 in Beijing) of imported confirmed cases were newly reported; from 0:00 to 24:00 on March 13, 7 cases (4 in Shanghai, 2 in Gansu and 1 in Beijing) of imported confirmed cases were newly reported; from 0:00 to 24:00 on March 14, 16 cases (5 in Beijing, 4 in Zhejiang, 3 in Shanghai, 3 in Gansu and 1 in Guangdong) of imported confirmed cases were newly reported.

Ma Yun cheers for Italy

On the evening of March 13 local time, Ma Yun donated the first batch of masks from Europe to the airport in Liege, Belgium, where they will be quickly transported to the Italian Red Cross. On the package of the goods sent to Italy, an aria from the opera Turandot was written as a message. From “green mountain, bear the wind and rain together”, “worry about the safety of Persian Xiaozhao”, to “disappear, night! We’ll win at dawn, “said the netizens. It’s really warm!
According to reports, the masks have been urgently raised by many parties and completed a series of preparatory work such as customs clearance within two days. They have arrived at Liege Airport in less than 72 hours.
The ewtp hub of Liege Airport, jointly built by the Belgian government and Alibaba, has become the main channel for China EU epidemic prevention and rescue and economic recovery. In the past two months, a number of cross-border transportation channels have been blocked, and the Liege hub is still operating efficiently. Millions of masks, protective clothing and other materials are transported to China and Europe through this hub. Since the resumption of work in China, more than 4 million small and medium-sized enterprise packages have been delivered to Chinese and European consumers every week.
On the afternoon of March 11, Beijing time, Ma Yun foundation and Alibaba foundation announced to raise 1.8 million masks and 100000 virus detection kits to donate to Italy, Spain and other European countries with serious epidemic. When the first batch of European aid materials arrived, Chen tianqiang, a representative of the ewtp Secretariat in charge of the cross-border logistics, told reporters at Liege Airport that the two foundations would add 200000 masks and donate them to Belgium.
According to the reporter, due to the shortage of materials, Ma Yun public welfare foundation and Alibaba foundation are collecting materials in batches. The follow-up materials will be delivered to Liege Airport through rookie logistics, and then transferred to other European countries.

Trudeau isolates himself

Beijing, March 13 (Xinhua) – Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau is currently isolating himself, the prime minister’s office said in a statement, according to Canadian media reports on March 12. It is reported that his wife has flu symptoms, is undergoing a new coronavirus test, Trudeau himself has no symptoms.
Sophie Gregor Trudeau, wife of prime minister Justin Trudeau, is experiencing flu symptoms and has been tested for the new coronavirus, according to a press release from a Canadian government department.
The doctor’s advice to the prime minister is that, since he has no symptoms, he can continue his daily activities while conducting self-monitoring. However, for reasons of caution, “the prime minister has chosen to work from home in isolation.”.

6 overseas imports were added yesterday

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported in Beijing from 0 to 24 March 10th. 6 cases were imported from abroad, including 5 imported cases from Italy and 1 imported cases from the United States. Two new suspected cases were reported, all of which were imported from abroad; 44 people were in close contact, 26 of whom were imported from abroad. Six cases were cured and discharged from two designated hospitals in the city. There are three men and three women, the youngest 32 years old and the oldest 93 years old.
As of 24:00 on March 10, 435 cases were confirmed, 326 cases were cured and 8 cases died. There are 27 suspected cases. The total number of close contacts was 3694, of which 434 were still in isolation medical observation. Among the confirmed cases, 14 were in Dongcheng District, 53 in Xicheng District, 72 in Chaoyang District, 63 in Haidian District, 43 in Fengtai District, 14 in Shijingshan District, 3 in Mentougou District, 16 in Fangshan District, 19 in Tongzhou District, 10 in Shunyi District, 29 in Changping District, 39 in Daxing District, 7 in Huairou District, 7 in Miyun District and 1 in Yanqing District. There were no cases in Pinggu District, 25 in Beijing from other places, and 20 in foreign countries.
There are 12 districts in the whole city that have no new confirmed cases for more than 14 consecutive days, specifically Pinggu District has no reported cases since the outbreak, Yanqing District 47 days, Mentougou District 37 days, Huairou District 33 days, Shunyi District 31 days, Miyun District 28 days, Shijingshan District 26 days, Daxing District 26 days, Fangshan District 23 days, Changping District 22 days, Xicheng District 20 days, Tongzhou District 20 days.
Among 435 confirmed cases, 206 cases were male, accounting for 47.4%, 229 cases were female, accounting for 52.6%; the age range was 6 months to 94 years old, 14 cases were under 5 years old, accounting for 3.2%, 17 cases were 6 to 17 years old, accounting for 3.9%, 293 cases were 18 to 59 years old, accounting for 67.4%, 111 cases were 60 years old and above, accounting for 25.5%.