Trump’s daughter’s political ambition

Trump’s daughter’s political ambition

According to CNN, trump is facing “choice difficulties” at a crucial moment in his “final fight” for election results, as his children give contradictory advice to the president’s father, and there is a “seesaw war” within the family.
In the face of the current election chaos, Trump’s two sons, little trump and Eric, are enthusiastic and take the lead in demanding that the president continue to fight. Ivanka, however, hopes that the president will admit defeat as soon as possible next week, fearing that the protracted struggle will further damage his reputation and family business.
In the “seesaw war” of the family, trump chose to listen to Ivanka. American media: Ivanka’s political ambition is the White House
Son: fight to the end
According to the source, after the election results were released, trump Jr. and Eric have been trying to claim that the election is suspected of fraud and “encourage” trump to fight to the end. As a result, no one dares to put forward suggestions on Trump’s reelection failure and how to do a good job in “finishing work”.
Eric told people on his way back to air force one at the last night of the campaign rally that he was sure it would be a feast for trump. And on Thursday (12), trump campaign team issued Eric’s fund-raising appeal, the theme is “counterattack”.
“People know exactly what’s going on in this country This is fraud Eric wrote in a fundraising message.
In addition, the two are also working hard to win more Republican support, asking them to believe that the election “really has fraud.”.
Sources said that in recent talks, Eric told allies that he thought the election was “stolen” and vowed to fight to overturn the election results.
Donald lobbied with Republicans who had not provided “enough support” for the president for a long time, asking them to make supportive statements.
In the “seesaw war” of the family, trump chose to listen to Ivanka. American media: Ivanka’s political ambition is the White House
Trump’s sons are not alone in encouraging the president not to give in. It is reported that White House chief of staff meadows, trump lawyer Giuliani and President’s long-term political adviser Lewandowski and other officials are also encouraging trump to fight a hard legal war.
However, such efforts have not yielded great results. Many Republicans are increasingly disappointed by the pressure campaign and lack of evidence of fraud on the trump team, and some prominent Republicans are already urging the presidential team to “shut up or stop.”.
Daughter: take a “realistic attitude” towards the defeat
Ivanka’s advice is more measured and more careful.
While trump Jr. and Eric were still agitating on social media, Ivanka’s statement was clearly more moderate.
“Every vote legally cast should be counted. Every illegal vote should not be counted. This should not be controversial. This is not a party statement – free and fair elections are the foundation of our democracy. “
In the “seesaw war” of the family, trump chose to listen to Ivanka. American media: Ivanka’s political ambition is the White House
Ivanka privately held a “realistic attitude” toward the president’s defeat, a source told CNN. She knew that her future was more closely connected with her father than ever before, so she was more cautious at every step.
And trump seemed to listen. “He knows he won’t win, but he also knows he has all the cards now,” the source said
“He has been investigated, impeached, and people are trying to destroy him and his family, so why rush to give in when Georgia and Arizona are not sure,” the source added
CNN said that while trump attaches great importance to the opinions of the three (adult) children, only Ivanka plays an important role in the White House.
In the past four years, Ivanka’s work has mainly focused on women’s economic empowerment and labor development, but her influence on the president can’t be underestimated on many topics.
In the “seesaw war” of the family, trump chose to listen to Ivanka. American media: Ivanka’s political ambition is the White House
In her 2009 book, Ivanka wrote that her parents’ divorce made her relationship with her father more intimate, but also complicated her brother’s mood at that time. Trump Jr. once told New York magazine that after his parents’ divorce, he did not speak to his father for a year.
It was during that time that Ivanka established a better relationship with his father.
“He didn’t move far away, just a few floors below us. I go to see him every morning before I go to school, and I stop by his office on the way home in the afternoon She wrote in the book.
After moving his career to Washington, Ivanka chose the “make America great again” line consistent with his father, locking his success with his father.
At present, at a time when trump really seems to withdraw from the stage of history, many American media reports predict that Trump’s exit does not mean the exit of Ivanka’s political ambition. In fact, she is likely to get herself back on the political stage by 2024 through elaborate planning.
In the “seesaw war” of the family, trump chose to listen to Ivanka. American media: Ivanka’s political ambition is the White House
“She thinks she will be president of the United States,” said a former trump adviser,

Abe reveals trump

On the ground of “security law” between Japan and the United States
According to Kyodo news on the 13th, Abe received an exclusive interview with Kyodo on the 12th. In the interview, Abe revealed a lot of things he didn’t know when he held summit talks with U.S. President trump when he was Japanese Prime Minister.
According to reports, Abe disclosed that trump has repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with the “Japan US Security Treaty” and repeatedly stressed that the United States should bear more responsibilities in case of emergency than Japan, which is “unfair”.
Abe also told Kyodo news agency that he was constantly persuading trump in order to strengthen the Japan US alliance.
According to reports, Abe revealed that trump questioned in a meeting: “if Japan is attacked by North Korea, the United States will fight (for Japan). But if the United States is attacked by China, will Japan do nothing? “
According to the report, in order to appease trump, Abe referred to the new security law implemented by the Japanese government in 2016, which added controversial clauses such as lifting the ban on exercising the “collective self-defense right of the self defense forces”.
Kyodo news agency said Abe explained to trump at that time: “I revised the constitutional interpretation and implemented the (New) security law. For this reason, my cabinet support rate has also dropped by 10%. “
According to reports, trump said “convinced” and praised Abe: “you are a warrior.”
In an exclusive interview, Abe also said he “felt the challenge” because of Trump’s dissatisfaction. “It’s also a common American idea,” he said. Without an explanation, the alliance will not be maintained. “
In February 2017, Shinzo Abe, then Japanese Prime Minister, visited the United States. At that time, Japanese media reporters asked the heads of the two countries to shake hands with each other. Trump drew closer and patted Abe’s hands several times for 19 seconds.
According to previous reports by Japanese media, Japan’s security related law (New Security Law) was formally implemented on March 29, 2016, which expands the scope of the Japanese Self Defense Force’s mission, allows limited exercise of the “collective self-defense right”, and provides “weapons and other protection” to US warships in peacetime. Japan’s Asahi Shimbun reported that the implementation of the new security law was generally opposed by the Japanese people, and Abe’s cabinet support rate at that time also fell below 40%.
Kyodo news agency said Abe did not mention the specific talks that took place. But according to the report, since November 2016, Abe and trump have held about 15 talks, none of which has been made public before

Huang Zheng’s fortune soared 52.9 billion yuan

On November 12, pinduoduo released its financial report for the third quarter of 2020, showing that its revenue in the third quarter exceeded 14.2 billion yuan, up 89% year on year. According to the Forbes rich list, Huang Zheng’s fortune soared by 8 billion US dollars, about 52.9 billion yuan, making him the fourth richest person in China, ranking 24th in the Forbes Global rich list.
Huang Zheng, the founder of pinduoduo, is a legend from founding pinduoduo to being the richest man after 1980s in China. So how does pinduoduo, known as a dark horse in China’s electricity business, do it? This makes many people curious. From its establishment to its listing, pinduoduo took 10 years for Jingdong, 8 years for vipshop, 5 years for Taobao, and only 2 years and 3 months for pinduoduo. Pinduoduo has achieved Jingdong’s achievements in 4 years and 10 years. Now pinduoduo has been listed. At the beginning of the year, pinduoduo even surpassed Jingdong for a time.
Along with the problem of pinduoduo, the unsolved mystery of all consumers is why pinduoduo is so cheap? Will businesses not lose money? Pinduoduo should be the lowest price among all e-commerce platforms at present, and it is “low” with no lower limit. No matter what the product is, as long as the business is settled in pinduoduo, the price will be much lower than other platforms.
For pinduoduo’s consumption model, we all know it well: spell single mode. However, pinduoduo pays 0.6% commission to the merchants, but tmall charges 2.5% commission. Pinduoduo’s customers are obviously concentrated in the third and fourth tier cities and township residents to grasp the customer psychology. “Small profits and quick sales” is the business model of pinduoduo’s whole platform. Pinduoduo’s social e-commerce model makes it largely dependent on the user ecology of wechat. Tencent is the largest institutional shareholder of pinduoduo, holding 18.5% of the shares. Most of its transactions are from wechat, which is the main means of building a “shopping team” on pinduoduo.
In recent years, with the rapid growth of China’s e-commerce market, the number of Internet users continues to grow. According to the statistics of the e-commerce trading platform of the National Bureau of statistics, in 2018, China’s e-commerce transaction volume reached 31.63 trillion yuan, an increase of 8.5% year-on-year. Among them, the trade volume of goods and services e-commerce was 30.61 trillion yuan, up 14.5% year on year.

Die in the wilderness

An 85 year old man in Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province, won a prize of 11.95 million yuan (about NT $51.38 million). In order to fight for the property, his four children did many acts that made him feel cold. The eldest son had been unemployed for many years and asked him to support him. The younger son even took him to the mountain and went down the mountain to try to make him lost in the mountains. He decided to walk more than 10 kilometers under the high temperature to live in the wilderness However, after his death, his children were still fighting for the inheritance, which caused public outcry.
The old man has three sons and one daughter. He won the first prize of 11.95 million yuan in the lottery a few days ago. He thought he could lead a leisurely retirement life. Unexpectedly, he had to raise his eldest son who had been unemployed for many years. He was also taken by the younger son to climb the mountain and was left in the mountain. Finally, he walked down the mountain by himself to escape danger. Then he left the child with his wife and lived in Wuhan for nearly a year. In July this year, he took the train to his hometown of Jiangxi Ganzhou, instead of going back to look for children, lived alone in a hotel, stayed the next day without eating or drinking, and walked more than 10 kilometers under the high temperature of 40 degrees, and then went to the wild on a desperate road.
To the anger of the outside world, it has been four months since the old man passed away, and the four children have not been arguing about the inheritance. Even though the mother has no choice but to draw up a scheme for the division of the estate, she has to keep one third of her own and the rest will be shared equally by the four children. However, the eldest son still disagrees with the plan. Finally, the matter has to be decided by the court, which is still under trial.

Mental appraisal of pregnant women

A female psychiatric patient Xiaoyu (pseudonym) in Weixian County, Hebei Province was pregnant during the closed treatment in the hospital. Guo, a male nursing worker, said it was a voluntary relationship between the two sides. On November 9, after our exclusive report on this issue, it aroused widespread concern in the society. Previously, it was reported that a woman with mental illness was pregnant for no reason during hospitalization, and her family members were arguing about it everywhere. At present, local police have informed Xiaoyu’s family members to go to Shijiazhuang for psychiatric identification on November 11. But Wei county health bureau still no one to contact Xiaoyu’s family, the hospital also refused to provide medical records.
Xiaoyu, wife of Xiaohai (pseudonym) in Weixian County, Hebei Province, was born in 1997. She was sent to Weixian mental rehabilitation hospital on April 7 this year due to her abnormal behavior, not eating, not talking and sleeping well. She was treated in a closed way for more than three months. After discharge, his family found that Xiaoyu was pregnant. Guo, a male nurse in the hospital, admitted that he had done it, but insisted that it was voluntary. Since the end of August, Xiao Hai’s family members have repeatedly turned to the hospital, the Health Bureau, the Public Security Bureau and other departments to discuss their opinions. However, no one paid attention to it all the time and ran into a wall everywhere.
On November 10, Mr. Shi, Xiao Hai’s uncle, told reporters that after the report of “Yanzhao Evening News” on November 9, Weixian Public Security Bureau contacted them and agreed to go to the judicial appraisal center of the first hospital of Hebei Medical University, the provincial capital, on the morning of November 11 to conduct mental appraisal on Xiaoyu, and then decide whether to formally file a case according to the appraisal results. At the same time, Mr. Shi said that Weixian mental rehabilitation hospital and Weixian health bureau still did not contact them, especially the health and Health Bureau has always been indifferent and prevaricating.
According to Mr. Shi, Xiaoyu spent more than 6000 yuan in Weixian mental rehabilitation hospital, but the hospital did not give any receipt or even a white note. In addition, Xiaoyu did not provide the daily list, medicine, diagnosis and medical records of Xiaoyu during hospitalization. When he was discharged from hospital, he only gave a few packets of Western medicine wrapped in yellow paper, so that he could take it according to the doctor’s advice.
Wei county mental rehabilitation hospital charges do not invoice, do not provide patients with medical records and other issues, the reporter repeatedly contacted Wei County Health Bureau Director Zhai, which ignored.

Hospital response to pregnancy of female patients

On November 5, when he mentioned his pregnant wife, the young Xiao Hai (not his real name) was very angry. His wife Xiaoyu (pseudonym) was admitted to the Weixian mental rehabilitation hospital in Hebei Province due to mental illness. A male nurse worker actually had a relationship with her and became pregnant. His wife is pregnant with someone else’s child, and Xiao Hai, who feels greatly humiliated, wants to ask for an explanation
Is psychosis female patient and male nurse worker “voluntary” relationship pregnancy during hospitalization? Hospitals: personal moral problems, hospitals do not have much responsibility
■ Xiaoyu’s early pregnancy image report.
“Don’t talk” was sent to a mental hospital
Xiaohai’s family conditions are poor. According to the matchmaker, Xiaoyu, 22, will be married in October 2019. In order to get married, Xiaohai still owes more than 200000 yuan in debt. Xiaohai said that at that time, he didn’t find anything wrong with Xiaoyu, that is, he was honest and unresponsive. Xiao Hai’s uncle also said that before his nephew got married, he heard from the matchmaker and her parents that Xiaoyu was an honest girl. After meeting, he found that her intelligence was a little weak. However, everyone thought that she could live a solid life in the countryside, but they didn’t go to heart.
In March 2020, Xiaohai and his family suddenly found that Xiaoyu’s behavior was even more abnormal. They did not speak or eat, and they liked to lie down and sleep, but could not wake up. After consultation between the parents of both sides, they decided to take Xiaoyu to the Weixian mental rehabilitation hospital for examination. After receiving it, president Zhang claimed that the conditions of the hospital were good and the medical level was high, which guaranteed that they would be cured in three months. So on April 7, the family went through the hospitalization procedures for Xiaoyu. Xiao Hai told reporters that because he had to support his family and pay off his debts, he went out to work. In fact, he didn’t want his wife to live in a mental hospital. He just wanted to see a psychologist.
Xiao Hai said that when his daughter-in-law was just in hospital, his mother did not go to the hospital very often. However, the Weixian mental rehabilitation hospital stipulated that patients were not allowed to see their families during the treatment period, saying that the treatment effect would be affected. His mother listened to the hospital’s advice and stopped visiting.
Just discharged from hospital but found a new disease
After more than three months of treatment, on July 19, Xiao Hai’s mother went to the hospital and took her daughter-in-law home. Xiao Hai said that it was mainly because she couldn’t afford the medical expenses. She didn’t have any good treatment at all. She still didn’t like to speak. She answered questions slowly and could not do any housework
About half a month later, Xiaohai’s mother found a new problem, and her daughter-in-law Xiaoyu had vomiting after dinner. One day in August, the old man took light rain to the hospital for an examination, and the results showed that the pregnancy was about 50 days. According to this inference, it should be pregnant about June during hospitalization. “It was like a bolt from the blue when I learned about the situation. I was very painful and angry!” Xiao Hai said angrily that from the beginning of April to August, because he worked in other places, he didn’t have intimate contact with his wife in the same bed. Besides, his wife was in closed treatment during the hospitalization. Obviously, the child belongs to someone else.
Later, after examination, it was confirmed that Xiaoyu was indeed pregnant. On August 22, Xiaohai’s mother, uncle and others came to the Weixian mental rehabilitation hospital to discuss their views. Not Chengxiang soon came to light, a male nurse Guo stood up, admitted that he and Xiaoyu had sex, but argued that both sides were voluntary.
Xiaohai and his family believe that Xiaoyu is a psychopath and has no clear ability to distinguish some of his behaviors. What’s more, during the period of closed treatment in the hospital, Guo and the hospital must bear corresponding responsibilities.
Is psychosis female patient and male nurse worker “voluntary” relationship pregnancy during hospitalization? Hospitals: personal moral problems, hospitals do not have much responsibility
■ Xiaoyu was pregnant during the closed hospital stay in Weixian mental rehabilitation hospital.
Discussion and argument everywhere
On November 5, Ren vice president of Weixian mental rehabilitation hospital told reporters that it was on August 22 that the hospital learned about Xiaoyu’s pregnancy. Guo, a 31 year old nursing worker, is single and has been in the hospital for five or six years. He is mainly engaged in miscellaneous work and nursing mental patients. He is usually very honest. Originally, Xiaoyu was on the third floor, all of them were female patients. She was not allowed to walk around and go out at will. But after the basic treatment was completed, she had to be discharged from the hospital, so the management was not so tight.
According to the investigation of the hospital, Xiaoyu came to the medical office on the second floor from the third floor alone. At that time, the female nurse went to eat after work, and only male nurse Guo was there. Xiaoyu asks Guo for snacks. He is lonely and widowed. As a result, Guo doesn’t control it, so something happened that shouldn’t have happened. Ren said the hospital withheld Guo’s salary and dismissed him at the end of August. However, he believes that this is a personal moral problem of Guo, and the hospital does not have much responsibility. Reporter asked for a telephone number of Guo, vice president Ren said no, now can’t contact.
On November 5, the reporter came to the Weixian Health Bureau on this matter. A staff member asked him to contact sun, the head of the medical and political unit. He said that he was busy and did not have time for an interview. Later, the reporter did not call director Zhai and did not respond after sending the outline of the interview.
On November 8, Xiao Hai’s uncle reluctantly said that it had been more than two months since August 22, and they couldn’t find Guo. The Wei county mental rehabilitation hospital ignored him. The Wei County Health Bureau only said that he would mediate, but he did not follow. At present, they have called the police and are waiting for the results of the police investigation.
A lawyer in Shijiazhuang City pointed out that the public security department should issue a certificate of authorization. If Xiaoyu is a person with no capacity for civil conduct, Guo will bear criminal responsibility. According to the relevant regulations, knowing that the woman is a psychopath or dementia (Cheng Duyan

Yang Weidong was sentenced to seven years for taking bribes

The former president of cnmoku was convicted of bribery. During his tenure as president of Youku, Yang Weidong, taking advantage of his position, illegally accepted bribes totaling more than 8.55 million yuan and sought benefits for others. His behavior has constituted the bribery crime of non-state staff members. In this regard, the first instance was sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment and confiscation of 2 million yuan of property.
According to the first instance criminal judgment on bribery of non state functionaries released by the people’s Court of Yuhang District, Hangzhou, during the period from 2016 to 2018, when Yang was the president of a network technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as a company), the defendant accepted and asked for bribes from business partners by taking advantage of his position of comprehensive operation and management of relevant platforms The total amount is more than 8.55 million yuan, and seek benefits for others.
The people’s Court of Yuhang District of Hangzhou held that the defendant Yang took advantage of his position as an employee of the company to ask for and illegally accept other people’s property and seek benefits for others. The amount of money involved is huge, and his behavior has constituted the crime of accepting bribes by non-state staff members. The first instance is to be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of seven years and to confiscation of property of 2 million yuan.
In March 2013, Yang Weidong was invited by Gu Yongqiang to join Youku potato group, and successively served as senior vice president and President of Youku potato group. Since then, with the establishment of Alibaba culture and entertainment group, Yang Weidong was appointed president of dayouku business group and CEO of Alibaba music. On December 4, 2018, Ali Da entertainment confirmed that according to the report, Yang Weidong was cooperating with the police for economic problems.

Sino US relations in Biden Era

Biden will become the 46th president of the United States after winning Pennsylvania, according to the associated press, CNN, BBC and other mainstream media reports on the 8th. Biden then tweeted that it would be a tough job to thank the United States for choosing him as leader, but whether or not people had voted for him before, he would be the president of all Americans.
Where will China US relations go after Biden enters the White House? What are the similarities and differences compared with the trump era? The reporter of Global Times interviewed many experts and analyzed comprehensively from five major fields to try to outline the general picture of Biden administration’s China policy.
Will the Biden administration insist on “contact with China” or “Sino US decoupling”?
In an interview with the global times, Xin Qiang, deputy director of the center for American Studies at Fudan University, said that Biden’s coming to power may bring a “respite period” to Sino US relations.
He believed that at present, the friction and confrontation between China and the United States have spread over all fields and are on the track of a “rapid vicious circle”. The overall performance is characterized by three characteristics: the destruction of strategic mutual trust, the almost suspension of high-level political interaction, and the absence of any substantive cooperation. When Biden comes to power, at least China and the United States can make breakthroughs in the latter two aspects.
“It is expected that China and the United States will resume more pragmatic and constructive cooperation in vaccine, anti epidemic, climate change and other fields, and some previously suspended dialogue and liaison mechanisms are also expected to resume. However, the reconstruction of strategic mutual trust is not an overnight success. ” Xinqiang analysis said.
However, the change of president may not change the overall direction of Washington’s China policy. “No matter who comes to the White House, the relationship between the United States and China will be more or less the status quo,” CNBC predicted recently, citing Williams, the former chief trade negotiator of the White House.
“Being tough with China is what unites the polarized country. We are politically polarized, but on China, we are not polarized, “Williams said. But unlike trump, Biden’s policy may be more robust and predictable. “You don’t tweet in the middle of the night announcing tariffs or something, but the overall trajectory will be roughly the same.”
Dawei, assistant president of the school of international relations and director of the Department of international politics, told the global times that Biden’s China policy will not simply return to the “Obama era” of 2016, because in the past four years, great changes have taken place in Sino US relations and the world, and the views of elites and people of the two countries on each other have been almost completely reshaped.
“Biden’s adjustment of China policy is bound to be based on the era of Trump – in fact, the complete change of China policy may be the biggest political legacy left by the trump administration to the United States.” According to Dawei.
He said that “China engagement policy” needs to be adjusted, which has gradually become the consensus of the US government and the public. Biden’s taking office will not change the general trend of competition and confrontation between the two countries. The problem is that what kind of alternative policy framework he will introduce is still unclear. “But competition doesn’t mean decoupling. I don’t think the Biden administration will support a comprehensive decoupling strategy with China. “
Will the trade war continue? Will tariffs be abolished?
According to CNBC, analysts’ reports from the Swiss bank Long’ao believe that Biden’s victory can reduce some trading uncertainty. “Biden may take a more rational attitude towards bilateral trade, even in other areas, his team may show the same attitude towards China hawks as the trump administration.” However, analysts at the bank said they did not assume Biden would automatically reduce tariffs on Chinese goods.
Xinqiang predicts that the two governments may first reevaluate the first stage trade agreement reached before, and some contents of the agreement will not exclude adjustment due to changes in the actual situation, and then continue negotiations on the basis of the first stage agreement. “From the perspective of the United States, the tariff imposed by trump is actually a” good chip “for Biden to continue negotiations. It is unlikely that he will take the initiative to cancel it.”
At the same time, he pointed out that there are labor groups behind the Democratic Party, which has always been more inclined to trade protectionism than the Republican Party. In fact, Trump’s position on trade issues is an “alternative” among the Republicans. Therefore, Xinqiang predicts that tariffs on China may be relaxed first in areas where the US people have suffered great losses, such as daily necessities, but other areas need more difficult and long-term negotiations.
An exclusive Reuters report in October quoted two senior advisers of Biden as saying that if Biden is elected, Biden will consult with major U.S. allies to seek “collective influence” to deal with China before making a tariff decision on China. The two advisers said the move was to avoid the mistake of repeating Trump’s “US priority” agenda, which had angered several key US allies. According to another Washington Post assistant, Biden has not yet made a final decision on the tariff.
Another issue of widespread concern in the field of trade is whether it is possible for the United States under Biden to rejoin the trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement (TPP)? TPP is an economic and trade proposition during the Obama administration, which is generally believed to cause great pressure on China. However, the agreement has not been approved by the United States. After trump took office, he officially announced his withdrawal from the TPP in 2017, and the remaining 11 countries signed the “comprehensive progress agreement of trans Pacific partners” (cptpp) in March 2018.
In this regard

Employees are taken out of the company by HR

According to the news of bullwhip on November 6, netizens who claimed to be “the party involved in the lifting of tiger teeth” sent an article today saying that he was dismissed by violence by the company and suffered from depression due to the cold violence of the immediate leadership.
The netizen said that after he refused to sign the resignation letter, the HR rate of the company was 5 people to carry it out of the company, personal belongings could not be taken away, and the head was hit during the whole process, which led to psychological and physical frustration.
The netizen also revealed that his immediate leadership insulted him with verbal insults such as “eating excrement”, “not suitable for this job”, and was in a dilemma in work. Since then, the leaders directly under the leadership assigned KPI, requiring the data of five anchors to be increased by 8 to 10 times on September 30. But later he said bluntly, “forget about saving this money, and talk about compensation directly.”.
After that, the netizen said he was dismissed for “incompetence” and was diagnosed with depression after nearly four months of repression and verbal violence. It is understood that the company stipulates that a hearing can be held in this case, but an HR executive in Huya said, “this is a small matter and there is no need to hold a hearing.”
In early November, after accidentally learning that the employee’s work experience of a certain period of one and a half months was not reflected in the resume, the two HR personnel informed him that he was dismissed, confiscated his job card, escorted him to the work station with five men, and then drove him out of the company for “serious overtime”.

Liu qiangdong Zhang Zetian new company

Tianyancha app shows that Sanya tianqiang enterprise management partnership (limited partnership) was established on November 3, 2020. The company is a limited partnership, and its executive partner is Beijing tianqiang Kuntai Investment Management Co., Ltd. its business scope includes investment activities with its own funds, information technology consulting services, financial consulting services, social and economic consulting services, etc.
Tianyancha app shows that the company is jointly owned by Liu qiangdong, Zhang Zetian and Beijing tianqiang Kuntai Investment Management Co., Ltd. Beijing tianqiang Kuntai Investment Management Co., Ltd. is 99% owned by Liu qiangdong and 1% by Zhang Zetian.