National Football Players in the Philippines

National Football Players in the Philippines

On October 12th, Beijing time, the national football team will welcome the last day of this training in Guangzhou. On the 13th, they will travel to the Philippines to usher in the fourth round of the 40th round. The game against the Philippines is of great significance to the Chinese team. The team must defeat the opponent to ensure the team’s first result. Because this round, the Syrian opponent is Guam, basically it is the rhythm of 3 points. , it’s finished!

This group’s right to compete for the qualifying, without suspense belongs to Syria and the Chinese team, the two teams compete for the first group, the former team in the competition for the seed team, the Chinese team will start a confrontation with Syria, the national football invited to the Philippines, Tajikistan Stan came to the contest and eventually got the 8th place in Asia to become the seed team. I never thought that the group draws, and directly with the same group in Syria and the Philippines, it is a curse that can’t be smashed!

The national football game against the Philippines is the beginning of the national football devil schedule. After the match against the Philippines on October 15, the national football team will rest for one month and assemble against Syria in November. This will be the first direct competition of the group, so this round is against In the Philippines, the national football team can’t afford to lose. It is a game that must defeat the Philippines and win big!

In the match against the Philippines, the national football team can win big expectations. In the first round of the group match, the Philippines lost 2-5 at home to the Syrian team. If you refer to this score, the national football team needs to score 5 goals in the Philippines. Can you prove that you are not inferior to Syria, can the national football do it? This makes people look forward to, at least in the history of the two teams 8 encounters, the national football victory!

At present, the Chinese team has had 8 encounters with the Philippine team. The result is a total of 8 wins. The team scored 50 goals. In 1978, they defeated the opponent 3-0 for the first time. Then they were 9-0 and 10-0 respectively in 7 encounters. 7-0, 8-0, 8-1, 3-0, 2-0, it can be seen that the Chinese team scored 6 goals per game. This time, the national football team can score 6 goals, which makes people look forward to !

Of course, we must admit that the strength of the Philippines is improving. From scoring against the Chinese team to scoring a goal, losing 5+ balls from the previous single game, and now only losing 2~3 balls, this reflects The strength of the Philippines is improving. The national football team is fighting in the Philippines. It does not seek more goals. It is only necessary to continue the victory record!


Haibeisi landed in Japan

Overseas Network October 12th This year’s No. 19 typhoon “Habei Si” has landed in Japan on the 12th, and has already caused some injuries. In response to the strongest typhoon of the year, Japan is waiting to be up and down. After seeing the disaster information, some netizens rushed to the Tokyo supermarket to purchase materials. As a result, they found that supermarket goods had already been snapped up.

According to a report by the Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK) on the 11th and 12th, the Japan Meteorological Agency said at the press conference held on the 11th that at noon that the “Habeisi” was at a speed of 25 kilometers per hour to the northwest of the parent island of the Ogasawara Islands. Mobile, will continue to land in Japan from the 12th to the 13th, and the vast areas such as Japan’s Kanto will encounter violent storms, and urge people to prepare for disaster prevention in a timely manner.

In order to prepare for the typhoon, the Japanese netizens rushed to the Tokyo supermarket to snap up the disaster-stricken materials on the same day. As a result, they found that the shelves in the store were empty and the goods were sold out.

According to NHK reports, a strong typhoon landed in Japan on the 12th, in which many houses in the original city of Chiba Prefecture were damaged, and many people were injured, including children, and more than 9,000 households were cut off.

According to reports, a number of Japanese airlines and railway companies have also decided to take measures to suspend operations from the 12th to the 13th. The Shinkansen in the metropolitan area has been suspended since the morning of the 12th. In addition, Japanese airlines have decided to ground more than 1,000 domestic flights on the 12th, and hundreds of international flights have also been cancelled.

On the 10th, the website of the Chinese Embassy in Japan issued an urgent reminder for Typhoon Haibeisi, calling on Chinese tourists visiting Japan and those planning to travel to pay attention to the weather conditions, adjust the itinerary in advance, and stay away from rivers and beaches. Mountain areas to avoid natural disasters such as floods or landslides.

Wuxi viaduct collapsed

At 18:10 on October 10, a bridge deck rollover accident occurred at K135 and 312 National Road Crossing Bridge in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province. The reporter learned from the accident rescue headquarters that after the on-site search and rescue confirmed that there were 3 cars under the bridge being crushed, one of them was parked (no one, the driver has found), and the other two vehicles had three people, and they had died. . There are 5 cars on the rollover deck, including 3 cars and 2 trucks. Three people were killed and two others were injured in the accident.

After the accident, Jiangsu Province and Wuxi City launched an emergency response mechanism to fully carry out accident rescue and disposal work. The current disposal work is still in progress.

According to the information released by the Accident Rescue Command, the expert team of the Ministry of Transport has rushed to the scene to guide the accident investigation, and Wuxi City has also established an accident investigation team. After preliminary analysis, the upper span bridge side overturned transport vehicles were overloaded.

Previous reports

At about 6:10 pm on October 10, the 312 National Highway in Shanghai direction K135 and the Xigang Road cross-bridge bridge deck rollover. From the live video of the previous exposure, except for a truck with a steel coil falling, There is also a car under the bridge.

According to the People’s Daily News, after preliminary surveys on the site, 3 cars were under the bridge (one of which was parked in the vehicle, no one).

At present, rescue and accident disposal work is being carried out in an orderly manner.

Master Lu listed

Master Lu (03601) of 360 is listed on the market today, and its share price has risen sharply by nearly 50%. As of the close, its increase is as high as 218.52%, and the market value has doubled, exceeding HK$2.2 billion.

The closing price is HK$8.6, which is calculated based on the offer price of HK$2.7. Each lot is 1,000 shares, regardless of the handling fee. The winning bidder earns a net profit of HK$5,000 per lot.

Master Lu’s listing surged 218% on the first day of listing. The market value exceeded HK$2.2 billion.

The reason why Master Lu is so hot, some analysts believe: On the one hand, because the company was listed in October, and only one new IPO in September, the IPO in October has caught up with the good opportunity; on the other hand, the company has achieved profitability and subscription is hot. The retail share is small and attracts the market.

The shareholding structure shows that the first major shareholder of Master Lu is Qihoo Technology 360.

According to the prospectus, in 2016, 2017 and 2018, Master Lu’s operating income was RMB 0.7 billion, RMB 123 million and RMB 320 million respectively, and the corresponding net profit growth was RMB 32 million, RMB 56 million and 0.76 respectively. 100 million yuan. In the first four months of 2019 alone, operating income reached 114 million yuan and operating profit was 28 million yuan.

National Day quadruplet name

Xuzhou’s post-90s mothers gave birth to quadruplets on National Day, three men and one woman, named by the Internet gang. Bao Da unveiled the final answer on the 7th. The four-twin babies on National Day were named Yu Guo, Tong Qing, Zhao Ling and Nian’an (70 Nian’an on National Day). The aunt of the quadruplets said that her name refers to the opinions of netizens. Thank you for your concern and wishes.


He Wenna is pregnant

On October 8th, He Wenna posted a good pregnancy news on Weibo. She wrote: “We love you heart + heart = heart.”

On October 8th, He Wenna posted a good pregnancy news on Weibo. She wrote: “We love you heart + heart = heart and heart” and match it with your own picture. In the photo, He Wenna sat in a hammock, wearing a black sleeveless top and a long white dress, laughing and happy.

It is reported that on August 19, He Wenna was exposed to a small belly and was suspected of having a pregnancy, but she had indirectly responded by confusing her fiancé.


Hong Kong Prohibition of Masking Regulations

Hong Kong Chief Executive Lin Zhengyue announced on the afternoon of the 4th that the special administrative meeting held in the morning decided to cite the “Emergency Law” and enacted the “Forbidden Mask Law” to prevent the violence in Hong Kong from becoming more and more serious. The law will take effect at 0:00 on the 5th. According to the “Forbidden Mask Act”, anyone who violates the law is liable to imprisonment for one year and a fine of 25,000 Hong Kong dollars. The law also has some exemptions. Lin Zhengyue particularly stressed that citing the “Emergency Law” does not mean that Hong Kong is in a state of emergency. The Government has not announced that Hong Kong has entered a state of emergency.


Heavy snow and heavy snow

It coincides with the National Day holiday travel, self driving vehicles and tourist vehicles on these roads, to ensure the safety of thousands of vehicles and tourist groups. The traffic police brigade of the county was dispatched and dispatched to three teams to travel to the important traffic throat, such as Da Dong Shu Ya pass, Jingyang Ling and emburling, for tourist rescue and protective vehicles leaving.
As of 6 hours, 6 hours, after 12 hours of continuous operations, the county traffic police brigade transferred from 700 to more than 700 tourists in the county. At the same time, as of the morning of 6, the Jingyang ridge still had more than 1000 traffic stranded.
Heavy snowfall:
Nearly 1,000 tourists are trapped in Dadongshuyakou
Around 18 p.m. in October 5th, there was a sudden heavy snowfall in the county territory of our province. In the short time, the roads and roads of the national and provincial highways in and out of the province were very serious. At that time, because of the National Day holiday, many provinces and autonomous provinces were able to drive their own driving vehicles and tourist buses in Jing Yang Ling, e Bao Ling and Da Dong Shu Ya pass. After hearing the situation, Zahi, the chief of the brigade of the county traffic police brigade, immediately led the whole brigade of the police and auxiliary police to the scene to carry out the rescue and diversion of the tourists and the protection of the vehicles.
Around 6:30 on the 6 th, the traffic police brigade of Qilian county and the auxiliary police arrived at the Jingyang ridge and the big winter tree pass. After arriving at the scene, the snow was drifting and the temperature dropped sharply. In order to keep the tourists from any accident, the brigade rushed to Qilian county to transfer the trapped bus passengers and the vehicle carrying the slip chain to Qilian county. At the same time, more than 70 vehicles detained by the police and auxiliary police were arranged for protective evacuation. The police and auxiliary police helped to install anti-skid chains for the vehicles and roll out vehicles in the snow.
Traffic police:
Twelve hours of overnight fighting to shift the masses
Soon, more than 700 passengers were sent to the county in the snowstorm, and more than 40 vehicles that could go downhill were also safely downhill with the help of traffic police. As of 6 days, 9 hours ago, there were more than 30 cars in the Da Dong Shu pass pass, and all the tourists and the masses were safely transferred to Qilian county.
Meanwhile, in the evening of October 5th, nearly 3000 vehicles were left in the Jingyang ridge from the entrance to the Kun, and the traffic police brigade of the county began to protect the vehicles on the road from 18 o’clock in October 5th. The police and the auxiliary police helped drivers install the skid chain while helping the driver to push the car. After 6 hours at 9 o’clock, after 12 hours of operation, more than 2000 vehicles were left behind. Be dredged. On the spot, the faces of the auxiliary police officers have been frozen, all of them are iron-blue color, all of their clothes have been soaked by snow, and many policemen have changed three pairs of shiny and wet shoes in their continuous work.
Reporters learned from the scene, the deepest snow has no adult knee, the thickness of up to 50 centimeters.
Xining residents:
The staff of the Organizational Department spared no effort to save themselves.
Traffic policemen’s work also let the staff of the Department who stayed at the scene look in the eyes and hurt in the heart. When Zhang Ruibing, a citizen of our city saw the situation, he immediately got off the car and constantly shouted for all the young and middle-aged staff to get off the car and help the cart on the snowy road. At his appeal, many staff of the Department joined in the industry of helping the cart, and a trapped car slowly drove off the ice and snow road. Reporters on the morning of 6, in the video interview, Zhang Ruibing gasped for breath and continued to call on more passengers to join the trolley. It has become a warm landscape on the ice and snow road. Knowing that Zhang Ruibing had a child with diarrhea on his car, the traffic police brigade in the county also coordinated the police to help check the situation of the child.
Zhang Ruibing said in an interview: “Traffic policemen have been busy all night, we see in the eyes, pain in the heart, their clothes are wet, their shoes are wet, their faces are so cold that I can not be a bystander. The number of traffic policemen is limited, the body has been seriously overdrawn, if we do not participate in self-help, conscience I can not say.
At Zhang Ruixue’s appeal, the passengers of the division joined the trolley one by one. Although the elevation was high, many tourists and the masses dressed in rough clothes pushed dozens of cars into the safe area in a few hours. Up to the time of press release, Zhang Ruibing was still helping the cart, and his car was still on the roadside.
In addition, reporters from the Provincial Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps Command Center received the news, the provincial highway S204 Line West Sea town to the section of the big winter tree fill the mouth road area snow, now traffic jam, has set up a temporary site at 89 kilometers, remind the past driver friend, prohibit the big car traffic, the car needs to have the slip chain to pass. Traffic police warned that in rainy and snowy weather, driving vehicles should slow down, increase the safety distance, turn on the indicator lights, reduce the number of lane changes, do not slam on the brakes, drive safely and civilized, and travel safely and happily.
At present, the snowfall has continued in the high altitude area of the county. The police and auxiliary police of the county traffic police continue to help the trapped vehicles and personnel leave the scene. This newspaper will continue to focus on the situation of the stranded vehicles and the dredging situation.
As of press time 6, 10, when the press release, there were more than a few cars in the direction of the direction. Please avoid the road and choose other routes.
Extended reading:
The local temperature drops to 10 degrees! During the national day, we entered the “quick-frozen” mode. Did we have the arrangements for the trousers?
The National Day holiday has entered the “second half”, and many parts of the north have come


Zhang Tianai’s oar board Yoga

Zhang Tian-ai has become the “fitness model” and “self-discipline benchmark” in people’s hearts since “Ouch Good Body”, but Zhang Tian-ai also has his own weaknesses, namely, fear of heights and water. In the show, Jiang Luxia and her girlfriends went to play paragliders, but finally failed to overcome the fear of high altitude and gave up paragliders. Can Zhang Tianai’s oar board Yoga succeed this time?
In the latest program, Zhang Tian-ai, in order to perform better in the theatre, took the initiative to challenge water yoga and overcome the psychological fear of water.
Then Zhang Tian-ai continued to challenge the extremely difficult paddle support. The coach put his foot against Zhang Tian-ai’s hip bone and supported Zhang Tian-ai hanging in the air. At this time, Zhang Tian-ai suddenly lost her balance of gravity. The whole person fell into the water seriously choking. After being rescued, Zhang Tian-ai covered her face and coughed all the time. She dared not open her eyes for a long time and looked very distressed. But what is gratifying is that in the end, Zhang Tianai succeeded in mastering the essentials of water yoga, the coach showed a knowing smile, and Wang Ju, sitting in the observation room, applauded Zhang Tianai.
It is worth mentioning that after Zhang Tianai’s hot search, many netizens raised a question. Why do they want to take part in this weight loss reality show? After all, Zhang Tianai’s figure is very good, unlike Wang Ju, Qiao Shan, and she, they are really the ones who need to lose weight. Maybe Zhang Tianai is trying to make her figure better for this problem, so Zhang Tianai will become more beautiful when she shows her stewardess.