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CCTV cloud live program

At 12:00 this afternoon, the creative and financial media program struggle, jointly created by the art program center of CCTV and the 5g new media platform of CCTV, was launched! Youth is broadcast. This year’s CCTV 5.4 special program adopts the concept of “8 + 1”. It will be broadcast live for 8 hours with 1 hour special program, fully showing the spirit of struggle of contemporary young people.
It is reported that in the 8 hours of live broadcast, the first-line anti epidemic typical figures, star guests, etc. will participate in the program recording by means of video connection and special short films, and light up the most beautiful youth with the posture of struggle and running.
Star Live dialogue with college students
Press the “restart” button in Wuhan, has begun to emit a thick smoke and fire atmosphere. The picturesque Wuhan University has also been full of flowers and trees. The story of the medical workers in the Central South Hospital of Wuda fighting against the “epidemic” has made Du Jiang, an actor who once played a young doctor, feel the same. In the live broadcast, Dujiang will share with the students of Wuda the moving stories related to love and hope.
The contribution of all the post-90s members of Peking University medical team in the fight against “epidemic” is unforgettable. Wang Junkai and Peking University students will recall the experience of “epidemic” moving forward and recite the spirit of “five four”. In the live broadcast, two front-line heroes Wang Ben and Zhang Jianan will explain the standard wearing and taking off methods of protective clothing. Wang Junkai will also interact with each other on the spot, realize the difficulties of front-line medical workers, and pay homage to the heroes with a piece of “take care”.
From the construction of huoshenshan hospital to in-depth community service, the students of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) vividly explained the responsibilities and responsibilities of Chinese youth in the new era with practical actions. In the live broadcast, actor Gao Weiguang will listen to the students of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) for their “love of every inch of land”. The “examiners” of the University of Geosciences will interact with netizens through small games, popularize a lot of “cold knowledge”, and send blessings to the students who are about to take the college entrance examination.
The power of music infects the young generation
In the special period of national anti epidemic, teachers and students in Colleges and universities all over the country have created many inspiring songs to help prevent and control the epidemic. In the live broadcast, Ouyang Nana, Dong Baoshi, Chen Xuedong, together with the Central Conservatory of music and China Conservatory of music, will open a “cloud concert” to jointly “play the melody of youth”. The creative “burning together” makes people feel the youth vitality and cheer for the motherland with the power of music.
Zhang Yingxi, Jingchao and Wuhan Conservatory of music, Sichuan Conservatory of music and Xinghai Conservatory of music show “the power of music”. Students brought goods to their hometown in the form of music PK, and practical “music therapy” sent care and warmth to the people in the epidemic.
The sharing of Xi’an Jiaotong University will let the audience see how the students of Jiaotong University in the new era carry the banner of “the spirit of moving to the west”. Wang Yuan and Southern Medical University call war “epidemic” on the road “doctors” can not be less, lotus leaves, bamboo leaves, mint leaves composed of “Chinese herbal tea” refreshing, let the netizen exclamation “my cup is finally not only medlar.”.
Tsinghua University shows the technology to fight against the “epidemic”. Tsinghua alumni and wanghong teacher “kengshen” funny online class stories make people laugh. As one of the students who have been suspended from classes, Yishui Qianxi will also share his interesting online lessons.
During the live broadcast, many guests will share their “home” stories and interact with the audience. For example, Lin Yun taught “fitness secret script”, Zhang Tianai, Guan Xiaotong, Zhang Xueying, Li Sisi and Shen Yue shared their return diary and daily life, encouraging young people to strive forward. Yang Mi, Chen Weiting and Li Yifeng are guests in the form of vlog to send warm greetings to netizens.
The youth of struggle is the most beautiful! Youth: eight positive energy themes, full of dry goods and bright spots. Cloud live relay delivers positive energy to netizens, full of mutual dynamic. The first-line typical figures of anti epidemic, college students’ representatives and star guests will show Chinese youth’s feelings of home and country and the spirit of hard work from various angles, truly inherit the spirit of the May 4th movement, and sing a good voice in the new era.
It is reported that after the end of the live broadcast, in prime time tonight, CCTV comprehensive channel, variety channel, new media and broadcasting multi platform will broadcast “the most beautiful youth of struggle – special program of May 4th Youth Festival 2020”, looking forward to!

Raytheon donates for the Australian mountain fire

Australian wildfires have raged for more than four months, engulfing millions of hectares of jungle, killing and injuring countless animals and leaving thousands of people displaced.
Forest fires have also attracted worldwide attention. Fire forces from the United States, Canada, France, Singapore and other countries have joined or are about to join the fire fighting operation. Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott, as a volunteer firefighter, often appeared in the front line of fire fighting. Australian Hollywood star Nicole Kidman said she would donate $500000 to the fire department.
Chris Hemsworth, the thunderobot, announced that his family had donated $1 million to fight the spread of wildfires in his hometown of Australia. He said that there are still difficult challenges in the future, and he hoped that everyone would give their support and express their gratitude.
At the same time, the Chinese community in Australia also gave generously to raise money for the mountain fire. Previously, the Chinese economic, trade and Cultural Exchange Promotion Association of Australia raised more than 390000 Australian dollars, which were donated to koala hospital, blaze aid volunteer relief organization and new state rural fire brigade. In addition to Sydney, Chinese communities in Canberra, Melbourne and other places also actively appealed for donations to help the mountain fire. In addition, Chinese people from all over Australia also spontaneously donated urgently needed materials such as medicine and daily necessities to help firefighters and volunteers fight against the fire.
Many netizens praised “thunderobot”: handsome and beautiful! That’s great.
Some netizens joked: as thunderobot, shouldn’t it rain heavily?
About Hemsworth
Hemsworth was born on August 11, 1983 in Melbourne, Australia. In 2011, he starred in the Hollywood movie “Thor” and became a Hollywood star with the role of Thor.
In 2012, he won the 14th youth Choice Award for best actor in summer. In 2013, he won the most popular action movie star award in the people’s Choice Award for his roles in Avengers and snow white and the hunter.
In 2014, he was nominated for the people’s Choice Award for the most popular drama actor and the youth Choice Award for the best science fiction / Fantasy actor. In 2015, Chris Hemsworth earned $27 million, ranking 15th on the Forbes list of the world’s richest actors. In June 2017, he became a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. In 2019, with a revenue of 76.4 million US dollars, it ranked second in the top 10 of 2019’s world’s highest earning actor released by Forbes. No. 24 on the 2019 Forbes 100 list.