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Vice President killed by associate professor

The murder of vice president of Yunnan University by associate professor of the same university has made new progress recently. The victim’s son Qin Shu updated the news topic of Tencent, saying that the case will be heard on February 5.
The forenoon of Zhaotong Public Security Bureau Zhaoyang branch bulletin showed that in the morning of July 28, 2020, in the residential district of Zhaoyang District, the suspect, a Bai Bo (male, 53 years old, a teacher of Zhaotong College), killed and Dutch act after killing Wu Moulan (a woman, 56 years old, a teacher of Zhaotong College) with a knife. The police promptly sent a control to Bo Bai and sent him to the hospital for treatment.
In an interview with Xiaoxiang Morning Post on February 1, Qin Shu, Wu’s son, said that after hearing the news, he immediately rushed home from Shanghai. In the evening, I went directly to the local funeral home and met my mother for the last time. There was still blood on the floor.
He said that after the death of their mother, they worried that the elderly in the family could not bear the blow and lied that their mother died suddenly. Even so, grandma was hospitalized many times. Now the appeal is to sentence the murderer to death.
“And he went to make sure he was dead.”
Victimized teachers
Qin Shu said that he saw the whole process from the monitoring. Fu Mou Bo had been guarding the neighborhood where her mother lived. When she appeared, she first sprinkled lime into her eyes and then killed her with a knife. “Later I went to see the scene, and there was lime on the ground.”
Because the incident happened suddenly, the community security was holding an early morning meeting at that time, not patrolling. “(my mother) died on the spot. There was no way to save him. He stabbed a lot of people and made sure he was dead at the end.”
According to a death certificate issued by Zhaoyang District Public Security judicial identification center of Zhaotong City, through autopsy and anatomical examination, stab wounds could be seen in many parts of Wu’s body. Combined with the scene investigation, the cause of death of Wu was initially determined to be multiple stab wounds in the neck, front chest, back, etc., causing rupture of heart, aorta, lung and liver, and acute hemorrhagic shock.
Qin Shu said that after the attack, Fu also took the key to his mother’s home. “My father was at home. At that time, he should have just had breakfast, maybe he was reading a book or something. The killer also knocked on the door, and then my father saw this man in the cat’s eye, and he didn’t open the door. He knew this man was definitely not here to do good
Later, the security guard arrived and subdued him. He knew that he could not escape and killed himself with a knife. Later, he was taken away by the police who arrived in time.
So far, Qin Shu’s father escaped.
The suspect was reported having an affair with a female student
Qin Shu said that Fu’s reputation at school is not good.
According to media reports, on May 19, 2016, Associate Professor Fu moubo of Yunnan Zhaotong University was reported anonymously.
The informant posted a number of photos as evidence, pointing out that he had an ambiguous relationship with female students, assaulted students, leaked test questions and changed students’ grades privately.
Yunnan Zhaotong University responded overnight that it had investigated the teacher’s suspension and set up an investigation team for in-depth verification.
Fu denied the accusation of “maintaining an improper relationship with students” in an interview. He said that as a head teacher, he took the students in the foreman on a spring outing. On the way, some girls “came to kiss me on their own initiative” and “it’s impossible to have a bed photo”.
On July 13, 2018, Zhaotong University published the investigation results:
The suspension investigation against a cypress was lifted, and the behavior in the network photos and the existence of leaking examination questions without causing serious consequences were criticized and educated. “The loss caused by improper treatment of a cypress by the school shall be dealt with by the relevant functional departments according to law.”
It may have something to do with wanting to be a full professor
Qin Shu’s impression, Fu Mou Bo in the school has done a lot of bad things, and some teachers have a grudge. “It’s not that there is a grudge between the two sides. It’s that he thinks he has a grudge against these people. He has a list that he thinks he wants to kill.”
The school teacher told him that his father was on Fu’s list, but his mother didn’t.
Before the crime, a teacher on the list also reminded Qin Shu’s father to be careful. “Someone reminded the teacher that when he saw the murderer wandering around his neighborhood and asked him to be careful, he came to ask my father to be careful, but he didn’t expect that he would attack my mother.”
Qin Shu guessed that Fu’s holiday with his mother was probably related to the rating.
Before the crime, Fu was an associate professor and wanted to comment on Professor Zheng. As early as 2004, when Qin Shu’s father worked with Fu Mou Bo, Fu Mou Bo asked Qin Shu’s father to give him a false on-the-job certificate. Qin Shu’s father refused him, so he was beaten by Fu Mou Bo.
“This time, he may think that because he beat my father many years ago, my mother didn’t let him. But in fact, he does not have the qualification to evaluate senior professional titles at all. People who have not been on duty for a long time do not have the qualification to evaluate. The public opinion surveys conducted by everyone in the whole hospital do not allow him to pass. “
School authorities posthumously awarded the dead as “model teachers”
Obituary issued by Zhaotong College
Wu Yilan, an associate professor of Zhaotong University, was born in October 1964 and worked in the Department of mathematics and physics of Zhaotong University of education in August 1985.
On the evening of July 31, 2020, the official website of Zhaotong college in Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province announced that Wu Yilan, a teacher of the College of physics and information engineering, was posthumously awarded as the “model teacher” of Zhaotong college. Wu was attacked by gangsters on his way to work on the morning of July 28 and died on duty at the age of 56, the source said.
According to the advanced deeds of Comrade Wu Yilan, the “model teacher” of Zhaotong college, published on the official website of the college, Wu Yilan has been a teacher for 35 years. Since 1985, he has worked in Zhaotong college and won many honors. In 1993, he published the paper “two interesting resonance experiments” and was included in the Excellent Theses of physics in Yunnan Normal School in 1994. In 1995, he was a youth teacher in Yunnan Normal School from 1993 to 1995 In the “four one competition” activity, he won the excellent award of teaching plan in physics discipline; in 1997, he was rated as an advanced individual because of his outstanding achievements in the “three communication” academic training for middle school teachers; in 1995, 2000 and 2008, he was rated as excellent, and the rest were qualified.
Before being killed, Wu led the team instructor of qinggangling township to inspect the student work on July 25. “She also led the tutors of qinggangling village team to inspect the student work, guide the students how to carry out the work and improve the work efficiency, and care about the life and physical condition of the investigation service team.”
Qin Shu said that on the day of the funeral, “when I was walking through the long funeral road full of wreaths with my mother’s portrait in the sun, countless elegiac couplets and words on the wreaths came to my eyes in turn. I can feel the warmth and strength of justice. “

Inside story of isolated Hotel collapse

On the evening of the 23rd, the third episode of “sticking to the iron rules” of the four episode TV feature film “Zhengfeng anti corruption is around us” was broadcast on CCTV comprehensive channel, revealing the inside story behind the “3.7” collapse of Xinjia hotel in Quanzhou, Fujian Province.
On March 7, 2020, the Xinjia hotel in Quanzhou, which is used for centralized isolation, collapsed. A total of 71 people were trapped in the building at the time of the accident. Most of them came from other places to Quanzhou for centralized isolation and health observation. After rescue, 42 people survived and 29 others died.
The investigation conclusion of the accident investigation group of the State Council shows that this is a major production safety responsibility accident mainly caused by illegal construction, reconstruction and reinforcement construction. With the deepening of the investigation, the whole process of some party members, cadres and public officials engaging in formality, going through formality, dereliction of duty and failing to keep the bottom line of safety has been gradually revealed, which eventually led to a tragic accident.
Bribe 10000 yuan to build illegal buildings
The survey results show that the collapsed Xinjia hotel is an illegal building from the first day of foundation excavation in 2012, and it should not exist from the beginning.
Yang Jinqiang is the owner of Xinjia Hotel and the person directly responsible for the accident. In July 2012, Yang Jinqiang wanted to build a four story steel structure building. In order to save money and trouble, he did not go through any legal procedures, contracted the project to unqualified personnel and started directly.
In order to build first and then approve, Yang Jinqiang found Zhang Huiliang, then Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Changtai sub district office of Licheng District, Quanzhou City, and hoped that he would greet the urban management and give him 10000 yuan on the spot. Yang Jinqiang also asked Zhang Huiliang to apply to the district for approval of “housing policy under special circumstances”. This so-called policy is to replace administrative permission with Meeting opinions, and to examine and approve construction projects in violation of regulations and ultra vires, which is a serious violation of national laws and regulations.
With this shield, the illegal building was successfully built and put into use without the completion acceptance record, and the relevant departments did not carry out the follow-up supervision.
Major hidden danger of illegal reconstruction
Fire department cadres accepted bribes and passed the audit
In 2016, Yang Jinqiang illegally rebuilt the building, adding mezzanine to the interior of the building, changing from the fourth floor to the seventh floor, separating several rooms. It was this reconstruction that laid a major hidden danger that eventually led to the collapse of the building.
The housing and construction departments at all levels in Quanzhou are responsible for the supervision of construction activities and project quality, but the long-term illegal behaviors of Xinjia hotel construction have never been found and investigated.
The fire department also has a major responsibility. At that time, the fire record adopted the sampling system. Yang Jinqiang knew that his building was illegal, and once he was selected, he would not be able to pass. So he went to Huang Zhitu, who opened a tea shop opposite the fire brigade, and offered to contract the fire engineering to him on condition that he could pass the inspection smoothly
Huang Zhitu asked Liu Deli, a cadre of the fire department who often came to the tea shop, to help him. Liu Deli accepted a bribe of 100000 yuan from Yang Jinqiang, so he took some measures to prevent him from being selected for examination and passed the examination automatically.
The investigation found that Liu Deli helped Yang Jinqiang muddle through more than once. In 2018, Yang Jinqiang plans to open a hotel after adding floors to the building, so he must go through the completion acceptance and fire control record again, and get the fire safety inspection certificate before he can apply for a special industry license from the public security department. Yang Jinqiang then found Liu Deli again, asked him for a blank certificate, and made a fake one himself.
When the hotel collapsed on March 7, 2020, Liu Deli, as a firefighter, also participated in the on-site rescue. Only then did he realize how serious the consequences of his actions were.
Liu Deli, then deputy leader of the combat support brigade of the Logistics Department of Quanzhou Fire Brigade: we were all on the scene for seven days. Our duty is to save people. On the contrary, I have done harm to so many people because of my malpractice. All of a sudden, life has been overturned and gone.
False and missing declaration materials
The local Public Security Bureau failed to control the situation
The declaration materials submitted by Yang Jinqiang have serious fraud and many deficiencies. If they are carefully examined, they will never be approved. However, the investigators found that from the window of Licheng Public Security Bureau to the police, then to the deputy team leader and deputy director, all the people who handled it did not seriously audit, leading to the failure of each level.
The receiving window is the first pass. According to the duty, the materials should be checked, but the window staff only receive the materials, not check them. The next step was to go to the scene for inspection, but it also became a formality.
There are obvious mistakes in the inspection and acceptance opinion form and the materials with many problems provided by Yang Jinqiang, which were later approved by the leaders of the public security brigade of Licheng Public Security Bureau and the deputy director in charge. However, they just read and sign directly.
In this way, Yang Jinqiang obtained a special industry license. In June 2018, in this building with serious security risks, Xinjia Hotel officially opened.
The relevant departments select the site hastily
Xinjia hotel with serious hidden danger was selected as isolation hotel
On January 10, 2020, when Yang Jinqiang redecorated the part of the building, he found that three steel columns were seriously deformed, but Yang Jinqiang asked the workers to keep quiet.
Yang Jinqiang had no sense of safety and responsibility, and thought that there would be no problem with the reinforcement. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was identified as a new spring fever after the Spring Festival.
As it is relatively far away from the densely populated areas, Xinjia hotel was selected as the health observation point for the centralized isolation of foreign personnel. In fact, this selection was made hastily without serious investigation and safety investigation, and leaders at all levels did not go to the scene to inspect.
Three days before the accident, Yang Jinqiang also organized workers to the hotel to start welding and reinforcement work. For three consecutive days, he went in and out of the centralized isolation health observation point at random, and no one came to intervene.
On March 7, 2020, the structure of the building was overloaded seriously for a long time, and it was already overburdened. The disturbance of unprofessional welding and reinforcement operation finally broke the fragile balance at the critical point, causing continuous collapse, and 29 lives died suddenly.
Vice governor’s experience of anti epidemic and final result: very guilty!
Not long before the collapse of Xinjia Hotel, Zhang Zhinan, former member of the Standing Committee of Fujian provincial Party committee and former executive vice governor of Fujian provincial government, also went to Quanzhou to inspect the epidemic prevention and control work. However, Zhang Zhinan did not go to the quarantine point for inspection, nor did he make any arrangements or reminders to the local authorities about the relevant work.
Zhang Zhinan: when we go to the grassroots level for research, we are basically arranged, which becomes a formalistic inertia and bureaucracy.
Focusing on the accident, the discipline inspection and supervision organs investigated 49 public officials. Seven of them were suspected of serious violations of discipline and law, and were transferred to the judicial organs for criminal responsibility. 41 were punished by Party discipline and government affairs, and one was admonished. Among these 49 people, only a few people have received property from Yang Jinqiang. The vast majority of them have no interest relationship. However, due to their lack of conscientiousness and responsibility, they jointly created this illegal and life-threatening building.
Formalism and bureaucracy are hidden style problems, which are difficult to find and deal with. Once they appear, they are easy to lead to serious consequences, so the alarm bell must ring for a long time.

Trump’s degree withdrawn

According to NPR News reports, Pennsylvania State’s Lehigh University announced on the 8th that it would revoke the honorary degree granted to us president trump more than 30 years ago.
On January 6, a large number of trump supporters stormed the seat of the U.S. Congress in the morning of local time, which not only disrupted the procedure for the final confirmation of Trump’s defeat at that time, but also clashed with the police and the secret service, resulting in many deaths.
After a vote, the Council decided to cancel the honorary degree granted to trump in 1988 on the ground that the action against Congress planned by trump supporters “violated the American democratic system”. Later, the school newspaper released the news and a statement about the decision on the official twitter.
According to the information, trump made a speech at the graduation ceremony of the University in 1988, and received an honorary degree at the ceremony.
In 2018, hundreds of staff of Lihai University initiated a joint request to revoke Trump’s honorary degree, but the board of directors did not follow. After the Congressional incident, the president of Lihai University denounced the riot, and said that not withdrawing Trump’s honorary degree was a support for his ideas.
According to past reports, this is not the first time that trump has been revoked his honorary degree. According to the independent in 2015, trump was condemned by all walks of life for his anti Muslim remarks. In December of that year, Roberto Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland announced that it would revoke the honorary degree granted to trump in 2010.

Master Xicheng talks about Chengdu girls

Beijing “Xicheng uncle” is the first confirmed patient with epidemic situation in Beijing in June 2020. After infection, he recalled all the places he had visited in Beijing since May 30, 2020. In particular, he accurately described the incident that he went to Xinfadi to buy seafood and stayed for a short time on June 3, which provided an important letter for relevant departments to lock in Xinfadi market and make rapid response Interest. He has a good memory and is praised by many netizens. Some people say that he is the “strongest brain” and “extraordinary uncle”.
On December 10, 2020, “master Xicheng” wrote an article on his social media to encourage Ms. Zhao, a girl who had been diagnosed in Chengdu before. “My experience is that in the face of complex remarks, there is no need to worry about it. The most important thing is to maintain a good attitude. In terms of treatment, it is all right to adjust itself better than any other medicine,” wrote Xicheng.
“I don’t know if it’s because I have been infected. I’ll pay more attention to the relevant news and news of the epidemic after my recovery. The epidemic situation in Chengdu has been repeated in the past two days, and the confirmed girls in Chengdu have also been placed in the center of public opinion.” He said that as an experienced person, his experience is to face complex remarks around him. There is no need to pay attention to it. “The most important thing is to maintain a good attitude. In terms of treatment, adjusting itself now is better than any medicine. And young people’s ability to resist is stronger, listen to the doctor’s words with treatment will certainly be no problem. “
At the same time, he reviewed his own experience of infection, hoping to give Ms. Zhao some help.
“Xicheng uncle” introduced that on the morning of June 10 this year, he found that he had a slight low fever, so he went to the fever clinic and routine nucleic acid examination. “I got a call about 1:00 a.m. on June 11, and the other end of the phone said that I needed to go to the fever clinic to have a test again. At that time, I prepared myself for infection and rode to the fever clinic alone. And when facing the empty fever clinic, I began to feel uneasy. Before I was diagnosed, the epidemic had been effectively controlled and my mood was supposed to be relaxed. And when I knew I was infected, my heart suddenly thumped, and I still didn’t believe it
Later, the staff of the flow control center found “master Xicheng” and chatted with him for more than three hours from 13:00 on the same day, mainly recalling his path of a period of time. “Based on the payment records on my mobile phone, I recall the places I have been to, the things I have done, and the people I have contacted. Usually I don’t think my memory is so good, but on that day I can recall my path, including which door I went in from, which stall I visited, and what I bought in Xinfadi. Finally, I completely recall all the tracks and contacts of the ten days before my infection
“Master Xicheng” said that he still did not know how he was infected, because he spent less than 20 minutes in Xinfadi, “but I did. At first, I was treated in Ditan hospital. The hospital was empty and I was alone. Then because of the increase in cases, some newly diagnosed merchants also came to the hospital. After the merchants came to the hospital and chatted with the merchants in the ward, I knew that I didn’t care about some rumors and abuse from the outside world and the Internet at that time. There is no need to care about it. At that time, my roommate (Xinfadi merchant) also clarified some facts for me on the Internet. “
“Master Xicheng” said that although he was very scared, he never gave up during the treatment and insisted on exercising himself. Soon he got well on July 14, and then stayed at the isolation point in Chaoyang District of Beijing for 14 days until he left on July 29.
Finally, “master Xicheng” said, “I wish Chengdu girls an early victory over the virus, still can believe that the world is beautiful and full of hope, and hope that the world can soon overcome the virus and return to peace!”

Hospital response to pregnancy of female patients

On November 5, when he mentioned his pregnant wife, the young Xiao Hai (not his real name) was very angry. His wife Xiaoyu (pseudonym) was admitted to the Weixian mental rehabilitation hospital in Hebei Province due to mental illness. A male nurse worker actually had a relationship with her and became pregnant. His wife is pregnant with someone else’s child, and Xiao Hai, who feels greatly humiliated, wants to ask for an explanation
Is psychosis female patient and male nurse worker “voluntary” relationship pregnancy during hospitalization? Hospitals: personal moral problems, hospitals do not have much responsibility
■ Xiaoyu’s early pregnancy image report.
“Don’t talk” was sent to a mental hospital
Xiaohai’s family conditions are poor. According to the matchmaker, Xiaoyu, 22, will be married in October 2019. In order to get married, Xiaohai still owes more than 200000 yuan in debt. Xiaohai said that at that time, he didn’t find anything wrong with Xiaoyu, that is, he was honest and unresponsive. Xiao Hai’s uncle also said that before his nephew got married, he heard from the matchmaker and her parents that Xiaoyu was an honest girl. After meeting, he found that her intelligence was a little weak. However, everyone thought that she could live a solid life in the countryside, but they didn’t go to heart.
In March 2020, Xiaohai and his family suddenly found that Xiaoyu’s behavior was even more abnormal. They did not speak or eat, and they liked to lie down and sleep, but could not wake up. After consultation between the parents of both sides, they decided to take Xiaoyu to the Weixian mental rehabilitation hospital for examination. After receiving it, president Zhang claimed that the conditions of the hospital were good and the medical level was high, which guaranteed that they would be cured in three months. So on April 7, the family went through the hospitalization procedures for Xiaoyu. Xiao Hai told reporters that because he had to support his family and pay off his debts, he went out to work. In fact, he didn’t want his wife to live in a mental hospital. He just wanted to see a psychologist.
Xiao Hai said that when his daughter-in-law was just in hospital, his mother did not go to the hospital very often. However, the Weixian mental rehabilitation hospital stipulated that patients were not allowed to see their families during the treatment period, saying that the treatment effect would be affected. His mother listened to the hospital’s advice and stopped visiting.
Just discharged from hospital but found a new disease
After more than three months of treatment, on July 19, Xiao Hai’s mother went to the hospital and took her daughter-in-law home. Xiao Hai said that it was mainly because she couldn’t afford the medical expenses. She didn’t have any good treatment at all. She still didn’t like to speak. She answered questions slowly and could not do any housework
About half a month later, Xiaohai’s mother found a new problem, and her daughter-in-law Xiaoyu had vomiting after dinner. One day in August, the old man took light rain to the hospital for an examination, and the results showed that the pregnancy was about 50 days. According to this inference, it should be pregnant about June during hospitalization. “It was like a bolt from the blue when I learned about the situation. I was very painful and angry!” Xiao Hai said angrily that from the beginning of April to August, because he worked in other places, he didn’t have intimate contact with his wife in the same bed. Besides, his wife was in closed treatment during the hospitalization. Obviously, the child belongs to someone else.
Later, after examination, it was confirmed that Xiaoyu was indeed pregnant. On August 22, Xiaohai’s mother, uncle and others came to the Weixian mental rehabilitation hospital to discuss their views. Not Chengxiang soon came to light, a male nurse Guo stood up, admitted that he and Xiaoyu had sex, but argued that both sides were voluntary.
Xiaohai and his family believe that Xiaoyu is a psychopath and has no clear ability to distinguish some of his behaviors. What’s more, during the period of closed treatment in the hospital, Guo and the hospital must bear corresponding responsibilities.
Is psychosis female patient and male nurse worker “voluntary” relationship pregnancy during hospitalization? Hospitals: personal moral problems, hospitals do not have much responsibility
■ Xiaoyu was pregnant during the closed hospital stay in Weixian mental rehabilitation hospital.
Discussion and argument everywhere
On November 5, Ren vice president of Weixian mental rehabilitation hospital told reporters that it was on August 22 that the hospital learned about Xiaoyu’s pregnancy. Guo, a 31 year old nursing worker, is single and has been in the hospital for five or six years. He is mainly engaged in miscellaneous work and nursing mental patients. He is usually very honest. Originally, Xiaoyu was on the third floor, all of them were female patients. She was not allowed to walk around and go out at will. But after the basic treatment was completed, she had to be discharged from the hospital, so the management was not so tight.
According to the investigation of the hospital, Xiaoyu came to the medical office on the second floor from the third floor alone. At that time, the female nurse went to eat after work, and only male nurse Guo was there. Xiaoyu asks Guo for snacks. He is lonely and widowed. As a result, Guo doesn’t control it, so something happened that shouldn’t have happened. Ren said the hospital withheld Guo’s salary and dismissed him at the end of August. However, he believes that this is a personal moral problem of Guo, and the hospital does not have much responsibility. Reporter asked for a telephone number of Guo, vice president Ren said no, now can’t contact.
On November 5, the reporter came to the Weixian Health Bureau on this matter. A staff member asked him to contact sun, the head of the medical and political unit. He said that he was busy and did not have time for an interview. Later, the reporter did not call director Zhai and did not respond after sending the outline of the interview.
On November 8, Xiao Hai’s uncle reluctantly said that it had been more than two months since August 22, and they couldn’t find Guo. The Wei county mental rehabilitation hospital ignored him. The Wei County Health Bureau only said that he would mediate, but he did not follow. At present, they have called the police and are waiting for the results of the police investigation.
A lawyer in Shijiazhuang City pointed out that the public security department should issue a certificate of authorization. If Xiaoyu is a person with no capacity for civil conduct, Guo will bear criminal responsibility. According to the relevant regulations, knowing that the woman is a psychopath or dementia (Cheng Duyan

New ways of greeting leaders

[global network comprehensive report]

the EU summit was held in Brussels, Belgium on January 1, local time. Affected by the new outbreak, some leaders gave up the traditional handshake etiquette and used other ways to say hello.
When German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Italian Prime Minister Conte met at the meeting, both sides stepped back and raised their hands. Merkel also clasped her hands to express greetings. After that, Conte turned and elbowed the others.

16 people died in Chongqing coal mine accident

At about 30 am on September 27, a carbon monoxide overrun accident occurred in Songzao Coal Mine of Chongqing Energy Investment Co., Ltd., which trapped 17 people. Up to now, 17 trapped people have been searched and rescued. Among them, 16 have no vital signs and 1 has been sent to the hospital for full rescue.
After the accident, Chongqing city and Qijiang District immediately launched the emergency plan, established rescue, medical rescue, aftercare work, investigation and evaluation working groups, and emergency, medical, public security, fire and other departments carried out rescue and disposal work at the scene. At present, the aftermath work is carried out in an orderly manner, and the cause of the accident is under further investigation.

Sino Indian defense ministers meet

On April 4, the SCO defense ministers’ meeting was held in Moscow. It is reported that on the evening of the 4th, Wei Fenghe, Chinese State Councilor and defense minister, and Indian Defense Minister Singh held a meeting. In view of the long-standing military confrontation on the border between China and India, the meeting has attracted great attention from the outside world. Indian media said the meeting was the first face-to-face meeting between leaders of the two sides at the highest level since the outbreak of fierce conflict in the Galvan Valley in June, which will have positive significance for the resolution of the current Sino Indian border confrontation.
As for the highly concerned Sino Indian defense ministers’ meeting, the Indian media quoted “sources” two days ago as saying that the meeting with Chinese defense ministers was not on Singh’s agenda, and the meeting between Chinese and Indian defense ministers in Moscow might be “difficult”. It is worth noting that the Hindustan Times quoted “people familiar with Moscow and New Delhi affairs” as saying that the meeting was arranged at the joint request of both sides. Earlier, Indian media said the meeting was held at the request of China’s defense minister.
According to the report, as the confrontation between China and India continues to heat up, high-level Indian leaders have successively released important signals calling for “cooling down”. According to India today reported on the 4th, Indian Foreign Minister Su Jiesheng said on the 3rd that in order to solve the deadlock over the actual control line of the Sino Indian border, it is imperative to reach a settlement with China through diplomatic channels. “The two sides should not change the status quo of the border. What happens now will have an impact on Sino Indian relations.”. On the same day, Su Jiesheng confirmed that he would meet with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi when attending the SCO foreign ministers’ meeting in Moscow on September 10. He said he had “known each other for a long time” with foreign minister Wang Yi, which is why they can have a “reasonable conversation” when they meet next week under the situation of escalating tension between the two countries on the actual control line of the Sino Indian border.
According to the Indian Asian News Agency (ANI) reported on the 4th that “we are convinced that this issue can be completely solved through negotiation,” Indian army commander naravan, who is inspecting the Lecheng region, said on the same day He said that India has been maintaining communication with China at the military and diplomatic levels and will continue to do so in the future. It is believed that through these talks, “no matter what kind of differences will be resolved”, “we will ensure that the status quo will not change and that we have the ability to safeguard our own interests”.
According to Indian media reports, China and India are still sending more troops to the border areas of the two countries. India’s New Delhi TV station reported on the 4th that the Indian Army found that Chinese tanks and infantry had begun to “massively gather”, and artillery also entered a deep position about 20 km away from the actual control line. To this end, India has also strengthened its military deployment there. The report said that both China and India have recently put in early warning aircraft and air support aircraft, and the Indian Air Force has deployed a large number of warplanes at various bases in the north to ensure “correct and appropriate response” to China’s air activities.
An anonymous informed person told the global times on the 4th that the talks held by Singh and Su Jiesheng with the defense minister and foreign minister of China have been put on the agenda one after another. Although the previous military and diplomatic dialogues between the two countries are in the same line, the level is obviously higher. Considering that the confrontation area is about to enter winter, this will be the “perfect and final window” for China and India to ease the current tension.
Qian Feng, director of the research department of the National Institute of strategic studies at Tsinghua University, told the global times on the 4th that the meeting between defense ministers of China and India will be the highest level meeting between leaders of the defense departments of the two countries since the border confrontation and conflict, and also the first face-to-face meeting between high-level officials of the two countries. The meeting is undoubtedly beneficial to strengthening the communication between the two sides at the defense level, controlling the border situation, and preventing the recent confrontation on the South Bank of Bangong Lake from escalating into a conflict. It is also conducive to the two sides’ departments involved in the border to further promote the resolution of the confrontation problem. However, it is not realistic to finally solve it through a meeting. Qian Feng believed that the two sides will elaborate their respective positions and concerns during the meeting, and will also reiterate the consensus reached by both sides to maintain border stability and ensure that disputes do not escalate into conflicts.
As for some Indian media’s previous exaggeration of “China’s initiative to ask for talks” and “India’s defense minister has no plan to meet”, Qian Feng said, “according to the relevant Chinese departments, Indian media reports are seriously untrue on many details, and many reports are to satisfy the taste of India’s domestic nationalism. To a large extent, this information is deliberately released by the official insiders of India. Their intention is nothing more than to show the “tough” posture of the government and the military in maintaining national security. “

57 newly diagnosed cases in 31 provinces

According to the official website of the National Health Commission on June 14, 57 newly confirmed cases were reported by 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps from 0 to 24 o’clock on June 13, including 19 imported cases (Guangdong 17 cases, Shanghai 1 case, Chongqing 1 case), 38 native cases (Beijing 36 cases, Liaoning 2 cases); no new death cases; 1 new suspected case, namely One case was imported from Shanghai.
On the same day, 2 cases were cured, 542 close contacts were released from medical observation, and 1 case was serious.
83 confirmed cases (no severe cases) and 2 suspected cases were imported from abroad. There were 1827 confirmed cases and 1744 discharged cases.
As of 24:00 on June 13, according to the reports of 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps, there are 129 confirmed cases (including 1 severe case), 78369 cured and discharged cases, 4634 dead cases, 83132 confirmed cases and 2 suspected cases. The total number of close contacts was 752087, and 3358 were still under medical observation.
31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps reported 9 new cases of asymptomatic infection (6 cases imported from abroad); 2 cases converted to confirmed cases (no imported from abroad); 2 cases removed from medical observation on the same day (1 case imported from abroad); 103 cases of asymptomatic infection still under medical observation (53 cases imported from abroad).
A total of 1597 confirmed cases have been reported from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Among them, 1109 cases were discharged from Hong Kong SAR (1061 cases, 4 deaths), 45 cases were discharged from Macao SAR, 443 cases were discharged from Taiwan SAR (431 cases, 7 deaths).

One armed teenager responds to Kuri

Recently, a young player from Yunfu District of Guangdong Province has caused a heated discussion on social media. His series of dribbling is really eye-catching. However, it can’t shock the world just to do this. What makes people shocked is that the child who can dribble so skillfully is still a one armed youth who lacks right arm.
Earlier yesterday, warrior guard Stephen curry tweeted a video of the one armed boy playing and wrote: “who is this child? Help me find him! Continue to be yourself and don’t let anyone say you can’t. “
Later, Zhang Jiacheng, a one armed teenager, responded to Curie in an interview with the media, saying he liked and admired Curie very much.
Zhangjiacheng said: “Hello, KULI, I’m your fan, my name is zhangjiacheng, I like you very much, because your figure is not very big in the NBA, but you can play so well in the NBA, I really admire you, I like you very much.”
When it comes to the favorite domestic players, zhangjiacheng said: “my favorite domestic players are Yi Jianlian and Guo Allen, because they are both very good at the center throw and playing inside. Guo Allen is very good at controlling the ball.”