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Exposure to trump’s dyspnea

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according to the guardian, an unnamed trump campaign adviser told CNN that the president who had been diagnosed with the new crown was very tired and had difficulty breathing.
Another US cable news network (CNN) news said that according to a person familiar with the situation, trump was frightened after the positive results of the new crown test came out, and he became more alert and worried about his symptoms after he developed symptoms such as fever overnight.
President trump and first lady Melania confirmed the new crown on the 2nd. Not long ago, trump will go to Walter Reed military hospital for further treatment.

Unknown odor in the air of Qingdao

According to the official microblog of Licang branch of Qingdao Environmental Protection Bureau @ Licang Environmental Protection Bureau in the early morning of the 27th, the Licang branch of Qingdao ecological and Environmental Protection Bureau has received netizens’ feedback on the odor situation and is carrying out an inspection together with the public security department. According to the preliminary investigation of Qingdao Petrochemical Company, there is oil and gas leakage point in the circulating water tower in the sewage treatment unit area of the enterprise, resulting in the unorganized emission of waste gas, affecting the downwind direction.
According to the investigation of Qingdao Petrochemical Company, there are oil and gas leakage points in the circulating water tower in the sewage treatment unit area of the enterprise, which causes the unorganized emission of waste gas, which affects the downwind direction. The current wind direction is northwest wind, and the downwind area will be affected. At present, the enterprise has identified and blocked the leakage point, and is increasing the circulating water. It is expected that the odor will be eliminated in a period of time.
A cooling circulating water tower in the southeast corner of the plant area of Qingdao Petrochemical Company, due to the diesel leakage problem, the peculiar smell was extracted by the fan and carried into the air, which affected some areas in the downwind direction. According to the verification of the enterprise, the escaping gas is harmless to human body and will not produce inflammable, explosive or secondary derivative disasters. At present, through the emergency treatment of the enterprise, the leakage point has been handled at 0:20.

IPhone 12 compass navigation

On July 31 this year, beidou-3 global navigation satellite system was officially opened. According to ranchengqi, spokesman of Beidou satellite navigation system, mobile phones supporting Beidou ground-based enhanced high-precision applications have been put on the market. Among domestic smart phone brands, only iPhone has not cooperated with Beidou.
At the same time, iPhone users are not satisfied with the positioning accuracy of Apple phones, but this situation is likely to be solved with the release of the iPhone 12 Series in the second half of this year.
According to foreign media, apple is testing the support of the iPhone 12 for Beidou navigation. It is expected to support the Beidou navigation system when the iPhone 12 is launched, so that iPhone 12 users can get better navigation accuracy.
Beidou navigation system is currently the world’s three major navigation systems, has been used by 120 countries around the world, navigation accuracy of 2 ~ 3 meters, Beidou heart accuracy every 3 million years difference of 1 second.

Russian Prime Minister’s political influence soared

Medvedev, who resigned as Russia’s prime minister in January, did not occupy the second place in the list for the first time in many years, this time ranked fourth, according to the ranking of “Russia’s top 100 most influential politicians” released by Russia’s Independent newspaper.
Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is still at the top of the list, followed by general office director of the Russian President Vaino and defense minister shaiku, the Beijing Global Times quoted Russia’s satellite news agency as saying. In fifth place is the new prime minister, mishushkin, who was only 51st a month ago.
Every month, Russia’s Independent newspaper publishes a list of Russia’s top 100 political figures, which is based on the results of a questionnaire survey of famous Russian political scientists, political analysts, media experts and representatives of Russian political parties.

Wang Yibo’s agent arrested

Recently, Wang Yibo’s agent was arrested and launched into hot search. On December 26, a netizen revealed that Wang Yibo’s agent had been arrested. Du Hua, the boss of Lehua, called the police to say that he was corrupt. According to the netizen, Wang Yibo’s agent was arrested suddenly, which was reported by Du Hua, who said there might be a brokerage dispute between Du Hua and the agent.
On the 26th, Lehua entertainment released a statement in response to the earlier rumors that “Wang Yibo’s agent was arrested”. Kang Wen, an employee of the company, is cooperating with the police due to economic problems. All information disclosed by the police shall prevail. The company will actively assist the police in investigation and follow-up handling. It is reported that the employee was the agent of artists such as Wang Yibo and Cheng Xiao.
At present, Wang Yibo is still focusing on the production of the TV play “you Fei” and taking into account the recording of “day up”. Near the end of the year, a series of activities are invited. Because of a “petition” and greatly enhance the popularity of him, it seems that at this stage, the focus of his career has shifted a lot to acting.
After the broadcast of “you Fei”, Wang Yibo’s momentum will be improved to some extent. However, in order to go a long way in the entertainment circle with a large number of talents, Wang Yibo still needs to constantly improve his strength. Compared with Xiao Zhan, Li Xian, etc., Wang Yibo’s performance experience is not the most, so he also needs to seize every performance opportunity to let everyone see his possibility. I hope this incident will not have a great impact on him, and I hope he can bring us surprises in the future.
Lehua claims that Wang Yibo’s agent has been arrested
On December 26, Lehua entertainment, Wang Yibo’s brokerage company, issued a statement admitting that Kang Wen, Wang Yibo’s broker, had been arrested. Kang Wen is cooperating with the police due to economic problems, the statement said. All information disclosed by the police shall prevail. The company will actively assist the police in the investigation. It is understood that recently, a netizen revealed that Du Hua, the boss of Lehua entertainment, reported that Wang Yibo’s agent had been embezzled, and the agent had been taken away by the police.
Before that, some netizens reported that Wang Yibo’s agent had been arrested, and Du Hua, the boss of Lehua, called the police for corruption. According to the netizen, Wang Yibo’s agent was arrested suddenly, which was reported by Du Hua, who said there might be a brokerage dispute between Du Hua and the agent. Netizens are speculating about the purpose of Du Hua’s doing this, and some fans are dissatisfied with Du Hua’s efforts to tout new artists and trample on old artists.
Wang Yibo’s star road journey is still relatively bumpy. He is an apprentice and loves dancing, but he has signed with Lehua for a long time, but he has been lukewarm and unpopular. He didn’t gain a large number of fans until after the popularity of the petition. However, Wang’s treatment in Lehua seems to be not good all the time, saying that his agent has always been indifferent to him.
Before that, the news that Wang Yibo suffered from the agent turning his eyes was also widely spread on the Internet. Wang Yibo’s fans were very dissatisfied with this, and then complained to the official blog of Lehua company, but they did not get a satisfactory response. Recently, several screenshots of chat records on the Internet were revealed. Some netizens reported that Wang Yibo’s agent was taken away by the police when the company’s meeting was half opened, and it was the police reported by Du Hua, the chief executive of Lehua.
However, at present, neither Lehua nor Wang Yibo has responded to this matter. There is no clear answer for whether or not the agent has been “arrested” and why. If the situation is true, then the reason why the agent was “arrested” and whether the follow-up work of Wang Yibo will be affected have also become the focus of attention.

Huang Xinying returns to Hong Kong

The event of Huang Xinying and Xu Zhian, which happened a lot a few months ago, is really unacceptable and eye opening. Xu Zhian’s girlfriend, Zheng Xiuwen, once suffered from depression because of this incident. A proper couple of bad boys and bad girls. But the latest news says: Huang Xinying has returned to Hong Kong.
On December 14, it was reported by Hong Kong media that Huang Xinying went to the United States alone because of the peace of mind incident, which had been fermenting for eight months and returned to Hong Kong at 6:53 this morning.
In the early morning, sister Huang Xinying came to pick up the plane with her agent and VB manager. After receiving the news, many media also went to the airport in advance to wait for the pick-up. The scene was very big. There were more than a dozen people!
At about seven in the morning, Huang Xinying came out of the airport restricted area. She was so multimedia and rushed up. The scene was very chaotic. Maybe she didn’t think she was so angry. She was surprised! On that day, Huang Xinying was wearing a gray everyone, a white bottomed shirt and a white baseball cap. It was really beautiful. She had spent a little makeup. It seemed that she knew she was going to be photographed.
Seeing Huang Xinying, a reporter, tears down. She can’t help crying. She says she can finally go home now. She’s so happy that she can finally go home. It seems that these months in the United States are really bad. It doesn’t look like fake crying.
After that, two assistants sent Huang Xinying home. In April this year, Xinying and Xu Zhian had a hot search on Weibo because of their “safe eating”, which was quite a sensation. Overnight, both of them stinked, and the cause was obviously not as good as before. The public image fell again and again.
Huang Xinying was originally touted by TVB. As a result, because of this, she lost her career and ran to the United States to stay away from the wind. She never dared to appear.
Recently, Huang Xinying had tested the water on the Internet before, saying that she thanked the production group “the soprano under the ox” because of her own affairs.
Now it’s 8 months. Huang Xin can finally return to Hong Kong. Originally, he has a bright future. Now he can’t make a play. It’s snowballed. I don’t think you will pay for it this time!

Large oil fields discovered in Qingyang


Changqing Oilfield has discovered a large Qingcheng oilfield with a reserve of 1 billion tons in Qingyang, Gansu Province. On October 25, Changqing Oilfield Company released the good news to the public in the press release Department of the provincial government information office. The new discovery also marks a major breakthrough in the field of unconventional oil exploration in China.
It is reported that Qingcheng oil field reservoir is located in the Chang-7 reservoir of Ordos Basin, which belongs to the category of shale oil that is very difficult to develop effectively. At present, the proved geological reserves are 358 million tons, and the predicted geological reserves are 693 million tons, forming a reserve scale of 1 billion tons. On September 25, the new proved reserves of shale oil (tight oil), named after Qingcheng oil field, in the Chang-7 source reservoir, passed the final review of the Ministry of natural resources. The discovery of Qingcheng oil field with a reserves of 1 billion tons will build a production capacity of 3 million tons in the next 3 to 4 years, which will play an important role in supporting the national oil and gas security strategy of Changqing oil field.
Changqing Oilfield has made a great breakthrough in the exploration of inner source oil in Longdong area, thanks to the continuous innovation of Changqing Oilfield in the geological theory of oil exploration, 3D seismic and imaging logging technology in Ordos Basin, and more from the breakthrough of the core technology of horizontal well drilling and hydraulic sand fracturing. Since 2011, Changqing Oilfield has carried out the geological theory innovation of unconventional oil exploration, technological core supporting technology research and horizontal well test area construction for nearly ten years. In recent two years, by continuously strengthening the key scientific and technological problems such as the reservoir densification mechanism, reservoir formation mechanism and enrichment rule, it has been clear that the formation mechanism of the reservoir in chang7 source is controlled by the stable structural background; the “four control” enrichment mode of chang7 reservoir has been established; a new understanding of the macro, three-dimensional and all-round oil resources of chang7 reservoir has been formed, and the geological conditions for the large-scale exploration and benefit development of chang7 reservoir have been established. Theory.
At the same time of speeding up oilfield exploration, Changqing Oilfield practices the new development concept, carries out early industrial production test, integrates the application of new technology of geological engineering integration and reservoir volume transformation, creates a new mode of production capacity construction and production organization under the condition of Loess Plateau landform, takes platform management as the core, forms factory operation and intelligent ground matching, and rapidly promotes the national level million The construction of ton demonstration area has formed an efficient development mode. Since September 2017, a large-scale production capacity construction has been organized. Up to now, 216 horizontal wells have been drilled and 100 oil wells have been put into production in Qingcheng oilfield, with a daily crude oil production of 1464 tons and a crude oil production of 640000 tons in the year. By the end of this year, 255 horizontal wells will be drilled, forming an annual capacity of one million tons of crude oil. Not only that, the successful exploration and effective development of oil in chang7 source area of Mesozoic in the basin has become the second time to accelerate the development of Changqing Oilfield with an annual oil and gas equivalent of 60 million tons of actual replacement reserves.

The Shanghai index regained 3000 points

Phoenix Net Finance on October 14th, the two cities were boosted by good news, and then the heavyweights and theme stocks joined forces to strengthen, the Shanghai index regained 3000 points. In the afternoon, the market fluctuated at a high level, and the panel of the panel was almost full of red. As of press time, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 1.18% to close at 3008 points; Shenzhen Component Index rose 1.19% to close at 9871 points; the GEM index rose 0.70% to close at 1678 points.

Most of the plates were red, banks, brokers, pharmaceuticals, finance, components, and the Internet were among the top gainers. Sports concepts, digital currencies, Shanghai Free Trade, ETC, and 5G were active, and gold and pork were adjusted.

I. New share subscription

The Shannong Commercial Bank applied for the purchase today, the purchase code 780077, the top purchase must be equipped with a market value of 4.07 million yuan, the purchase limit of 407,000 shares, the purchase price of 7.36 yuan. The top-level subscription rate is close to 100%. There are 8 new shares available for purchase this week, including 3 new shares such as Sino Medical, Haier Bio, and Shenlian Bio.

Second, the theme opportunity

ETC equipment leading performance exceeded expectations related companies are concerned

On October 13, ETF equipment industry leader Jin Yi Technology released a performance forecast, expecting third-quarter net profit of 304 million to 362 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 215-256 times. The industry said that the policy promotes the booming ETC industry, ETC equipment is in a serious supply shortage, and the institutions have repeatedly raised the performance expectations of related companies. Earlier, the organization expected Jinyi Technology’s annual profit to be about 500 million yuan. However, judging from the single-quarter performance of Jin Yi Technology from 300 million to 360 million yuan, the annual performance is likely to exceed the most optimistic expectations of the organization. Related companies include Huaming Intelligence and Broadcom Integration.

Hydrolysis and hydrogen production research has made important progress

Professor Liu Xiaohe from Central South University has made a series of progress in the field of low-cost electrocatalytic materials. They replaced noble metal-based catalysts with inexpensive metal compounds such as iron, cobalt, and nickel to achieve high-efficiency electrocatalytic cracking water reaction. In the first half of this year, the total investment plan of the hydrogen energy industry exceeded 100 billion yuan, which exceeded the previous year’s total of 85 billion yuan. Related companies include Snowman Shares, Xiongyi Shares, and Houpu Shares.