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Old people commit suicide after winning tens of millions of prizes

Recently, in Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province, the octogenarian lottery winner more than 10 million yuan, committed suicide the next year. The second son said that the elder brother was dissatisfied with the distribution of rumors. Guo Zhaodong, the eldest son of the old man, told reporters that in October 2018, his father won 11.95 million yuan in welfare lottery tickets and 9.57 million yuan after tax. His second younger brother, Guo Muli, told his father not to tell other brothers and sisters about the winning of the lottery, persuading his father to use money for financial management and eat high interest. From March 2019, the second brother will distribute “family welfare” to family members every month. In the middle of this year, my father went back to his hometown in Jiangxi by train alone. In July, the police found his father’s body on a hillside and ruled out homicide. Guo said his second brother, Guo, had transferred money in several banks, but was unable to produce relevant financial management vouchers. He suspected that his father had been cheated to commit suicide when he learned of the lottery money. Guo told the surging news that after his father won the prize, he distributed the interest to other brothers and sisters according to his parents’ instructions, and there was no fraud on his father’s winning money. After the death of her father, the mother drew up a plan for the division of the inheritance: “the mother keeps one third of the family, and the remaining four children share equally”, but the elder brother Guo Mou Dong does not accept it. Guo said that his elder brother Guo did not work after he was dismissed in his thirties. His parents used almost all his retirement wages to support his elder brother’s life, and fabricated part of the story to seek more property. At present, other family members have negotiated and referred the matter to the court for ruling.

Female tenant arrested for photographing

Recently, a media report said that “a department level cadre of Shanxi Provincial Department of culture and tourism found cameras, memory cards and video secretly shot in the house rented to a number of female tenants”, causing concern. The Department of culture and tourism of Shanxi Province is in contact with the public security department on the matter, with Wang Xiaolong, the landlord involved, serving as the deputy director of the financial department of the Department of culture and tourism of Shanxi Province, the surging News reported on the 22nd.
On July 23, Yingze Branch of Taiyuan Public Security Bureau reported that: in investigating the case of Ms. Guo and others who were secretly photographed, the Public Security Bureau found that the landlord, Wang Mou, had entered other people’s houses in secret and installed equipment for photographing without the permission of the tenant for many times, which had been suspected of criminal crime. At present, the suspect Wang has been detained by the Public Security Bureau. The case is under further investigation.
Previously reported
A department level cadre of Shanxi Provincial Department of culture and tourism (hereinafter referred to as “the Department of culture and tourism of Shanxi Province”) found cameras, memory cards and videotaped secretly in the house rented by a department level cadre to a number of female tenants, involving the shooting of bedrooms and bathrooms. The incident has drawn people’s attention. At present, the police have stepped in.
On the afternoon of July 22, Zhang Linlin (not her real name), a girl renting the above-mentioned house, told reporters that she believed the police would make an investigation as soon as possible. She is still in the postgraduate entrance examination stage. The incident also had some impact on her, “delayed for a few days.”.
Zhang Linlin said that the landlord involved often came to the house, suspected to replace the storage card of the camera equipment. “(he) comes at least once a week. We also feel that he is furtive, but we dare not think about it. “
The house involved is suspected of group rent. Zhang Linlin told reporters that there are upper and lower bunks in the room. When she checked in in in March, there were more than 10 people in her room. Most of the tenants were girls in their twenties. “Most of them graduated for one or two years, and some were preparing for postgraduate entrance examination.”.
According to previous reports, a girl who rented the above-mentioned house told reporters that she found and then rented the house on the information platform of “anjuke”. The camera has already shot more than 4000 videos, targeting the bed and bathroom in the bedroom. In the video, there are many girls living in the bedroom and taking a bath in the bathroom. She found that the memory card of the aforementioned device had been replaced. The landlord in question often came to the house. The memory card found so far is 32g.
On the afternoon of the 22nd, anjuke responded again, saying that the house in question was released by a certain person from the landlord Wang, which was a rental housing source. The lessor is Wang. At present, Wang’s personal account number has been added to the blacklist and banned.
For Wang Xiaolong released the number of housing units, the number of rental housing and other information, the Anju customer side has not responded.
On the afternoon of the 22nd, a staff member of the office of the Department of culture and tourism of Shanxi Province told reporters that at present, the Department of culture and tourism of Shanxi Province is in contact with the public security department on this matter, and the specific situation shall be subject to the police notice. Wang Xiaolong, the landlord involved, was indeed a staff member of the Department of culture and tourism of Shanxi Province and served as the deputy director of the financial department of the Department of culture and tourism of Shanxi Province.
In response to the question of “whether Wang Xiaolong goes to work normally”, the above-mentioned staff replied, “waiting for subpoena (call)”.
“Wang, the landlord involved, has been summoned to the case according to law.” Shanxi Taiyuan Public Security Bureau Yingze Branch issued a notice on the 22nd.
“On July 17, Wang Xiaolong, director of the financial department of Shanxi Provincial Department of culture and tourism, gave a comprehensive and systematic explanation on the topic of” Shanxi public cultural service system model construction and system innovation. ” Information released by Jiexiu Library of Shanxi Province on July 18.
Wang Xiaolong graduated from the school of Finance and finance of Shanxi University of Finance and economics with a bachelor’s degree in economics. He is mainly responsible for grassroots cultural construction, cultural policy research and cultural planning, according to the news.

Talk about being called Lord of Xicheng

Mr. Tang, who is the first person to be confirmed as “the great master of Xicheng” in the new outbreak, has been concerned. The good news is that Dr. Tong Zhaohui, one of the “Eight Immortals of severe illness”, said that the condition of “Uncle Xicheng” has improved and is now stable.
Mr. Tang described in detail how he took his mobile phone to travel, trace the action track and contact the crowd. “If I don’t say it, how many more will it be a day later.”
As for being called “big man” at the age of 52, he thought that the title was a kind of joking, and he also took self portraits in response to the concerns of netizens.